President Zelensky gives Italians some reasons they should help defend Ukraine

Editor’s Note: Excellent comments here. If this makes you puke, then keep watching it until all the Russian Propaganda is coughed up.

6 thoughts on “President Zelensky gives Italians some reasons they should help defend Ukraine”

  1. Prophecies from more than one Catholic mystic predict Russia eventually “raising their flag above St Peter’s”.

    1. Actually, he’s CORRECT…And, it’s NOT propaganda. As the CCP/China; the Russian Bear has ALWAYS threatened World Domination and sought to make it so Militarily. While Imperialistic Britian has also sought World Domination; they long ago gave up on Military Domination as their primary tool for Coup as their weapon of choice is not ‘FINANCIAL SLAVERY’ to control other countries…Like, the U.S. since WW2. Not certain what a weffer is…But, the Russian Bear with Thug/Mobster Putin is NOBODY’S FRIEND at this time. Russia can’t be the ‘Savior of the World’ as there has been NO consecration by a REAL POPE AND BISHOPS COMBINED. Bergoglio is NOT the Pope and never was.

  2. Yes, and all the other countries without exception, according to an interview made by William Thomas Walsh to Sister Lucy, July 15, 1946.

  3. What if the prophetes and prophecies did not make the difference or distinction between Ukraine and Russia? At a time where it was quite the same country or under the same political and cultural entity? And knowing that Ukraine is sometimes considered as the cradle of Russia? This could explain a certain confusion which seems to lead to support a corrupt guy (cf panama papers), who is entirely featured by a deepstate production and who is sucking the bank accounts of the rest of Europe’s peoples (soon creating a whole collapse of the industry and economy, which will cause poverty, depth dependance for ever, still more fatalities. Blackrock and Vanguard are just waiting like crows), who also are… for most of them, also christians. Just asking (not puking).

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