Archbishop Mueller says the Second Vatican Council is the cause of the downfall of the Church

Editor’s Note: FromRome.Info identifies the men given the position of Cardinals by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, with their previous ecclesiastical dignity, since this journal recognizes that Pope Benedict XVI, the only one who an make a man a cardinal, has not by any juridical act raised them to such a status.

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6 thoughts on “Archbishop Mueller says the Second Vatican Council is the cause of the downfall of the Church”

  1. Brother I wanted to ask your view on something I’ve become aware of. We are all sware of how the CIA funded the evangelical sects in Latin America in oder to weaken the Catholic Church, also the CIA involvement with the santa muerte cult in Mexico. Do you suppose something similar is afoot with the swarms of sedevacantist apostates on twitter? I ask because the prevalence of sedevacantist apologists is far too great for their demographic and they seem to be well organized and familiar with manipulation tactics.

  2. Abp Mueller always seems to be at least one step behind Abp Vigano in his critiques of the postconciliar Church and the current ‘papacy’. And his critiques of the Bergoglian cabal have not been severe enough that he has had to resort to ‘hiding’ for fear of his life, unlike ++Vigano. So I am wondering if ++Mueller is “controlled opposition” within the Bergoglian anti-church…….?! “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

  3. Those who betrayed Jesus were elevated to high positions.

    This might be the “house of Judas” that was mentioned in the Gospel according to Matthew. It was mentioned that “may it remain desolate forever”.

  4. one more ask….I respect to this great,brave site’s opinion…even though…made to Bergoglio..but some Cardinals are brave and against to wrong Ideologies…LGBT,Indiscrimition Abortion..I think this,this members are possible staying in College of Cardinals…instead..they must saying about Loyalty to our Orthodox Teachings…and wrong Bergoglian bishops are will remove…it’s really important…really hope Lord please send to us real Pope,Orthodox Pope…and I told…Cardinal Müller is a not Perfect..he has many fault…but I think he many,many effort protect to our Orthodox Teachings..I respect it..I think this site understand it too…but this site can’t call him to Cardinal…I will saying to him..Archbishop Muller too….many talking sorry…God bless always this great site…Holy Mary,all Angels and Saints..pray for us..Amen…even though we have some difference Idea..but we have same Idea too…Bergoglio will resign to this Pope’s seat…take care….

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