ITALY: Final Covid-19 penalties to be removed by Meloni Government

This includes the exclusion of sanitary workers who are not vaxxed, and the financial penalties for everyone over 50 who refused the DeathVaxx.  It does not include the cancellation of all fines during the Scamdemic for those who were held to be violating the facetious covid rules. —  Getting unvaxxed doctors and nurses back to work, though they represent only 4% roughly of the workforce is now a necessity as recent reports of more than 500,000 Italians suffering sudden health events since Jan. 1, 2022 A. D. alone signals a massive DeathVaxx catastrophe in the country.

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5 thoughts on “ITALY: Final Covid-19 penalties to be removed by Meloni Government”

  1. They still need to be tried, and hanged, according to the crimes they have committed.

    1. Many are not returning, because they realize that their colleagues are either clueless zombies or psychopathic monsters.

      1. Sadly, we need to pray they keep their skills sharp & are ready, because all those who did succumb to the pressures, around the world, have, in fact, been heavily invenomated, and get more sowith each successive booster, topped off with an immunosuppressant, to prevent their bodies rejecting tose “spikes” as the foreign proteins they are.Italian labs uncovered some 36 different strains of venoms, from snakes, cone snails, even a starfish, each of which is deadly in its own right. Oh, and then there are the nanobots, and those little wormy looking critters swimming in the shot solution that like to take up residence in blood vessels, feed on the blood, and grow to occlude the entire vessel, in case the venoms and immunosuppressants don’t do the trick… We’re going to NEED those wise ones who rejected the shots! Already, the incidences of cardiovascular events, and other “mysterious deaths” is on the rise around the world, as are cancers that went undiagnosed or untreated due to covid restrictions and fear. Health care providers are not, and will not be, exempt from the effects…

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