Twitter under Elon Musk continues to spread Covid Misinformation

An example of a scientifically based tweet, Marked as dangerous by Twitter as of Saturday, 6 PM, Rome Time, Oct. 29, 2022:

If you click the “Stay informed” link, you get this false, outdated information which has only the Globalist Narrative as its source. With the information which has been published by scientists and doctors, one could sue Twitter — if courts were honest — for spreading medical misinformation:
With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

9 thoughts on “Twitter under Elon Musk continues to spread Covid Misinformation”

  1. Give the man some time to keep his promises: he only became owner yesterday…..

    He already kicked out the previous board!

  2. Get Real!!! Musk may not be perfect. But, he has only been owner of Twitter for a few days and is implementing his Agenda quickly in addressing the Employees. It’s not prudent to hang someone out to dry before being given at least a few weeks to bring the Technology and Service provided Online up to standards of ‘Free Speech’ as per ‘The Constitution’. And, NO…I still don’t trust him.

    1. I am just monitoring the situation. I am not hanging him out to dry. But as I do run a social media platform, I know this could have been fixed already, if there was a desire to fix it.

      1. It’s going to take months for things to look decent on Twitter, and millions of accounts inspected, etc.
        He’s first got to find some employees who 1) share his commitment to free speech, 2) be loyal and 3) not be moles who maliciously sabotage Twitter out of revenge.

        That’s going to take longer than you think. There’s countless hoards of malicious SJWs eager to 1) prevent Musk’s success; 2) make him hated, and 3) bankrupt Twitter if they can.
        Trump was betrayed by people in his administration he thought were trustworthy. Musk risks the same.
        He’s autistic, and so not good at “reading” people for trustworthiness– unless he brings in some of his proven people from Tesla or Space-Ex, who would need to re-train for a social media company.
        I doubt any of these engineers would want to leave the jobs they love in cars and rockets. . . but he might use them to recruit trustworthy programmers; which WILL take some time.

  3. @M @Robbi. If you care so much about giving Musk a pass, why don’t you both post on Twitter a similar post and see if you get a similar notice. I myself am curious if the notice is because of who the poster is versus the actual content of the Twitt.

    If anything, it is good that we can document this type of notices so that we can see if they will go away in the future as everyone I know would like.

  4. Um…. give it time? Give it more than a few hours I’d say. I was overjoyed and laughed out loud at some of those “things” being kicked out of the company and sacked with their cardboard boxes in their hands being escorted out of the building. haha! No sympathy for the evil snakes at all who are being fired. Prosecute them if you can. At least he’s kicking many of them out, Brother Bugnolo.

    Try another post I’d suggest to you in a few days when the ‘fact checkers’ are all gone!! Truth will prevail!

    Greetings in Christ our Lord from San Teodoro. Sardegna.

  5. Today several hundreds of employees left twitter.

    The difference between twitter and this site:
    this site has not hundreds of employees, a board to kick out
    and has, for the moment at least, less subscribers than twitter.

    This is just an effort to be realistic.

    And about freemasons: are Italian president Mattarella and volodymyer zelenski also free masons, and how about the windsors, justin trudeau?

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