USA: Bergoglian Vatican ‘swindles’ traditional Carmelite Nuns out of $10 Million USD

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6 thoughts on “USA: Bergoglian Vatican ‘swindles’ traditional Carmelite Nuns out of $10 Million USD”

  1. Are nuns allowed to be that rich?

    Aren’t all nuns and brothers supposed to follow a ‘poverty rule’?

    (btw: it is no problem for me that also the above have money)

    1. They monies do not belong to them, but to their community, which holds the property in a non profit for their use. But the non profit is often governed by laymen or clergy who are friendly. And nothing can be spent but what is for the promotion of religion of their convents. So its wrong to say that they are rich, but if you consider the cost of real estate anywhere, where the building must house 20-30 nuns, its a modest price in the USA for such a large beautiful property.

      1. Of course. The property was no doubt purchased long ago and was maintained and appreciated with investments covering a long period of time. That is not indicative of actual wealth of the Order…But, selling properties to maintain the lifestyles of wealthy in Rome and at the Vatican is a TRAVESTY. What’s happening to the Order all together?

      2. These nuns returned to other monasteries, not to Rome. As for Bergoglio’s regime at the Vatican, they are in deep debt, have robbed the place blind, misspent funds and collections have tanked, so they are desperate for monies from all quarters.

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