5 thoughts on “Dr. Bhakdi: The DeathVaxxes are destroying hearts and brains”

  1. I believe it. I got “spiked” during a routine visit to the VA, a few months ago, and except the high fever, had all the symptoms of early meningitis, for a few days. We have to be wary of those who take the jabs, as they shed spikes heavily, foe several days afterward. A nurse friend got “spiked” a few weeks before I did, and wound up with Bell’s palsy from it. Neither of us took any of the shots offered. They will get us by stealth, if they can’t catch us on the “frontal assault”. If we had neurological symtoms from a few shed spikes, with functioning immune systems, imagine what the actual shot would do to that delicate system!

  2. Yesterday a nice man, in his eighties, mentioned, when asked if he was vaccinated: yes, five times; and I also took the flu-vaccine.

    Then I had to tell him why I could not drive with him in his car to visit his store and see a stovemodel that maybe I would purchase, though is was really nice he offered the opportunity.
    He knew nothing about shedding and stuff.
    He mentioned that he would then drop a picture of it in the mailbox here or email it.

    Honestly I was shocked to hear about these FIVE, actually six,

    1. Yes, there have been 5 boosters now, to the original doses, including the 1 mixed with this yr’s flu shot. Each booster contains more of the toxins than its predecessor did, according to the various whistle blowers, meaning, for those who avoided the shots, those getting them become greater threats to our health & well-being. What they shed is harmful to us, too.

  3. In Italy healthcare workers, fired for non-vaccination, are reinstated and fines revoked.
    That is great, but they should be careful regarding whom to treat:
    when they touch vaccinated people or breathe in what these breathe out, they get into trouble.
    An unvaccinated nice lady I know, worked in healthcare with vaccinated elderly people and now she is unable to work: she got long-covid:
    breathing problems, painful arms, tiredness etc..

    1. It is quite dangerous to be around persons who shed this type of nasty flu out of their thrombotic bodies. Be they just injected once or twice or boosted even more often – the damage is evident if you have the instinct to sense their personalities getting destroyed by this unnatural process and you have known them well beforehand. Especially if they visit their “doctors” at their practices often (due to their ailments) these 3 symptoms that you mention are subsequently shed often by them – this so-called long-“Covid”…

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