Peter Seewald: The Pope is suffering much, He has yet a testimony to give to the world

Editor’s Note: I cannot legally publish the translation of this article, but if there are any readers of German, in the comments you can summarize it. — I think that the Holy Father, through his official Biographer has just signaled that he consented to a Provincial Council at Rome.

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3 thoughts on “Peter Seewald: The Pope is suffering much, He has yet a testimony to give to the world”

  1. I pasted the German into an online translator. According to Mr Seewald’s words, there was nothing to suggest that Pope Benedict consents to a Provincial Council at Rome.
    The words “he yet has a testimony for the world” are too vague to suggest this; rather, it suggests that his sufferings themselves are a testimony for the world.

    1. You are reading the text outside of its historical context. In September, he let it be known that the Apostolic See was impeded. Fr. Minutella and I replied, that therefore, since Ganswein admitted errors in the renunciation, a Council had to be called and he, B16, would have to give testimony there. Ergo, he has testimony yet to give…. a message he gave to his biographer who spoke with him some 14 days before the conference, i. e. around Oct. 13, 2022, the Miracle of Fatima, just to give us a hint…

  2. The papal biographer Peter Seewald at a congress on the occasion of the 95th birthday of Benedict XVI. highlighted in Madrid that the emeritus pope is suffering. Seewald, who took part in the event at Madrid’s San Pablo University via zoom, described his impression of a personal encounter with the Pope two weeks ago: “He has become a very suffering person”. Joseph Ratzinger is “one of the most misunderstood personalities of our time,” stated the author of the official biography of the Pope Emeritus. In truth, he is not a reactionary but a reformer.

    Seewald emphasized that Benedict XVI. modernized the papal office. He lacked the strength to continue in office. Of course one could ask what would have happened if Benedict XVI. had not resigned: “Francis would not have been elected, there would have been another successor, the pope might have been able to keep his clear line. Perhaps no Synodal Path would have taken place in this form in Germany. Then the course of the Vatican would have been clear.” Even if this is speculation, it can be said that we will still have a lot from Pope Benedict for the future. “This Pope will not be forgotten”.

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