The DeathWave has begun, God have mercy upon these poor souls!

Editor’s Note: Since June of 2021, when I published my video warning the world of the massive wave of death which would be induced by the Covid-19 Vaccines, I have been often asked, “But where are all the dead?” — Those who ask this no longer are heard, perhaps because they too have succumbed. But we cannot fail to acknowledge that innocents are dying in massive numbers. In Italy alone, there have been 580000 sudden medical incidents which doctors refuse to explain, and this in 2022’s first 8 months alone. The media and governments of the world will not speak of this, because every death is evidence that they are guilty of the greatest crime in the history of humanity. — This video is shared here, therefore, not to gloat over who was right or who was wrong, but to solemnly remember these poor victims of the Globalist plot against humanity.

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11 thoughts on “The DeathWave has begun, God have mercy upon these poor souls!”

  1. Sadly, this is just the beginning. We were warned of this too. It started happening in Wuhan, then other parts of China, the fall of ’19, but no one, then, suspected why, at least in the rest of the world. I believe Xi knew why…

  2. Immaginate come vive ora chi come me è stato vaccinato, inconsapevolmente…anzi con la complicità di quella che ancora credeva essere la chiesa cattolica. Ero ancora confusa e ho accettato, a seguito anche di tante pressioni, ingannata anche dalla falsa chiesa che ancora frequentavo, perchè non ero ancora pienamente consapevole della reale situazione. Ho creduto di fare la volontà di Dio, e questo è terribile. Confido nella Sua infinita misericordia, bontà e giustizia, e Verità . Spero e prego per la liberazione di Papa Benedetto XVI, che sia riconosciuto e acclamato di nuovo come l’unico papa legittimo dal popolo di Dio e dalla Chiesa tutta.

  3. Seems a sudden instantaneous thrombosis of the
    BASILAR ARTERY that nurtures the MIDBRAIN
    PONS and MEDULLA (with several nuclei that
    control Blood Pressure,Heart Rythm; Breath Rythm)
    and the POSTERIOR CEREBRAL ARTERY that brings blood
    to the motor areas of the legs.

    For every stroke like these, there could be other 3 of
    a lesser nature, and 10 partial strokes with minor signs,
    that could impair memory and reasoning.

    PS-> I recognize that several of these videos were taken
    in Wuhan in the first months of the Covid-19 disease.

    1. Among those that succumbed are the people from the Social Networks, you can see their inactivity for months due to their deaths.

      The main problem is that doctors and nurses arr blamed so it is feared that children who lost their family will bring justice in their hands to kill people.

  4. The quote in the vid by Francis suggests you have a moral obligation to take the vax. Archbishop Vigano (sp?) wrote a letter to the Vatican to stop the vaccines, will be curious to know if the Vatican responds to this request. (I think the CEO of Pfizer did meet with the pope within the last year?)

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