Pope Benedict XVI’s call for Help: a 15 minute history of events from 2013-2022


This is a brief review of 9 years of events, from Feb. 11, 2013 to Oct. 30, 2022, which shows how Pope Benedict XVI has been calling for help to the Catholic World and how it has taken 9 years for us to hear his appeal and respond, as well as the recent stunning developments here in Italy, culminating in the formation of the Committee for the Liberation of Pope Benedict XVI.

To read more about the Committee’s objectives and methods with associated links, click here.

To petition the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome to call a Council to restore pope Benedict XVI, click here.

To support, the Committee for the Liberation of Pope Benedict XVI:

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7 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI’s call for Help: a 15 minute history of events from 2013-2022”

  1. Bro A., Your campaign to use Italian Law as a lever to pry a ruling from a reluctant Church bureaucracy on who is Pope is BRILLIANT.

    As the proverb runs,
    “There is more than one way to kill a cat than by feeding it to death with cream.” 😹
    “Sometimes longest way round is shortest way home.”

  2. Pope Benedict xvi is a Saint, Holy and Humble with the brain of 100 Professors, with the humility and Holiness of a great Saint. Prayers for Pope Benedict XVI, he is the KATECHON.
    Feared by the Demons. Pope Benedict xvi is very fluent in Latin he actually thinks in Latin.

  3. Thank you brother. “The Holy Father will have much to suffer” ..Our Lady of Fatima to the little children of Fatima…
    When making a sacrifice pray ” O my Jesus it is for the Love of Thee, for the Conversion of sinners, for the Holy Father and in reparation for the wrongs done to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,..”
    It fairly obvious isn’t it..

  4. In my support of Pope BenedictXVI to be the true Worthy Pope of the Catholic Church, I am only watering a tree in the Garden of the Virgin Mary which is my Offering and Duty. I realize he is not a young man anymore; he has spent his life on building up the Catholic Church. We as fellow Christians will help him, and his past work will guide our path.

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