10 thoughts on “Why it is important to investigate your favorite Catholic Media”

    1. Thank you for confirming on so many topics that have Catholics confused and controlled with Catholic Media that has been working under the same Cabal as the Corrupt Govt! I say confirm since it became more than obvious how they all promote certain prelates and believe Covid is real, but disagree with the cure…and how they all collude with various nefarious individuals from politics, Trump, Bannon etc…Prelates Burke, Schneider etc…
      God bless you for your Love and Devotion to Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus and His True Church!

  1. That’s true of all alleged “Christian” organizations. FAR too many are not just un-Christian, but anti-Christian, including those that are labeled “churches”.

    1. Important to remember, “Satan only attacks those places where Jesus Christ lives.” What’s the point of attacking what he already has? Greed is a ‘deadly sin’ used by Satan to reduce humanity just as all the other sins…All originating with Idolatry.

    1. Bring it on, Matt. I will help you start. I blew the whistle on strange behaviors at the Academy in Scranton, which I saw during my short visit there in 2000. That led students to come forward and the resulting investigations caused a number of men to be permanently expelled from the clergy. I am proud to this day that my decision to speak up was the source of courage for so many young men who had been sexually abused and groomed by “traddie” men and priests, at that school. I have similarly blown the whistle on two other occasions, one on each side of the Atlantic. And I encourage everyone who knows of such things to come forward and speak up no matter who is involved. — I also advise wives to blow the whistle on their husbands if they have solid reason to know they are involved in pedophilia circles, where they attempt to induct their sons into that perversion by sharing them with other traddie men, as was happening in Scranton, at certain events and places. — One traddie priest remarked to me, years ago: don’t ever visit our chapels or you are apt to get a knife in your back. — So go ahead an investigate me.

      1. Excellent response Br. Bugnolo. We need more men in the hierarchy who are not afraid to have the light of truth shine on their lives. This is likely one of the problems of so called good Bishops who do not stand up against Bergoglio.

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