6 thoughts on “Brasilian Elections were fixed & flipped in same way as USA in 2020?”

  1. Why not do as in America…It’s just a small little couple of Billion to place their SPIES AS HEADS OF STATE FOR COUNTRIES HAVING MEGA RESOURCES for WORLD DOMINATION and TRILLIONS.

  2. America has given them the blueprint…Lab Rats for Elections as for Medical Tyranny giving Rothschild-Jesuit Globalists and the CCP World Domination. People MUST FIGHT BACK…Be willing to die as it’s what it’s going to take to END THIS WORLD EVIL LEVELED BY SATAN AND THE DEMONS.

  3. The machines are much too easy to manipulate. So are mail-in ballots, when the counters desire to do so.

  4. What happens in my country is a revolution planned by the American Democrats, in the example that happens today in the rest of the world.

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