ITALY: Tribunal of Frosinone declares Scamdemic “State of Emergency” Ilegitimate

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Tribunal of Frosinone, province of Rome, has ruled that all the regulations which the governments of Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi imposed by means of Decrees for Covid-19 response (DCPM), were illegitimate because they claimed authority to act on the basis of the Code for Civil Protection, did so illegally, because that Code only regards responses to natural disasters, not pandemics.

In this case, the Judge went so far as to publicly castigate the local Prefect (District Attorney) for not declaring the provisions of the goverments and Parliament for violating the principle of attempting to impose regulations and laws in contravention with Constitutional principles.

In this interview by Matteo DiMicheli, Attorney Marcello Apollonio, discusses the ruling and its implications. — Note this decision did not emanate from the Constitutional Court, but only represents the judgement of the Tribunal of Frosinone in the case it was considering, which was an appeal regarding fines imposed on the claimant.

This Court has agreed with several others during the Scamdemic on this question, which is the same position, I expounded throughout the entire Scamdemic. — However, in the Italian legal system, the Government can with impunity ignore the rulings of this court, since you cannot sue the Government directly without permission of the Council of State, which is appointed by the Government.

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One thought on “ITALY: Tribunal of Frosinone declares Scamdemic “State of Emergency” Ilegitimate”

  1. Seems like all gov’ts institute such “protections” for their lawless acts. John Adams once declared the US Constitution was suitable only for governing Godly men; he was correct! And most other forms of gov’t offer even fewer stated protections for their citizens. We are most assuredly not being ruled by Godly men now!

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