5 thoughts on “Patrick Coffin talks with Matthew Hanley: More Evidence that Benedict XVI is still the Pope”

  1. A good discussion which covers the most important details of the papal scenario. Worth sharing on Facebook and other social media. They also mention the various responses received from friends/colleagues who have been confronted with the truth! We should all continue to ‘spread the word’ that Bergoglio is a heretical antipope and Pope Benedict XVI must be released from his ‘impeded see’…….in accordance with the strategies that Brother Alexis has kindly detailed on this website. Pax vobiscum.

    1. My one disagreement with this discussion is when they question the advice [given by Brother Alexis and others] NOT to attend any Mass in communion with the heretical antipope Bergoglio. I think they are being gullible/naive but, of course, they are both laymen, and probably do not understand the problematic spiritual and Canonical effects…….?!

      1. Yes, I find it remarkable that they say that layman can attend mass in communion with Bergoglio, but that clergy should publicly refuse and risk themselves.

  2. I live in a diocese with no priests that offer mass in union with Pope Benedict. I am trying to convince some of them but it is not easy given they are so busy and not prone to invest time to consider “strange theories”.

    1. If they say it is a strange theory, ask them, if they were in Rome on the Day it happened, and then ask them why they should think that the hearsay they have about the event should not be strange, since it is not based on facts.

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