USA: J.P. Morgan Bank reps attended nearly all meetings of Department of Homeland Security

Editor’s Note: J. P. Morgan Chase is a bank, which from its foundation, was owned by the Rothschild family. It is highly suspected that they still own it and control it. This news is ground-shaking, because it represents a hard piece of evidence, that the USA is in fact controlled by bankers, not by elected officials.

And, it is clear that J. P. Morgan Chase is gearing up for the social credit system:

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One thought on “USA: J.P. Morgan Bank reps attended nearly all meetings of Department of Homeland Security”

  1. Of Course, it’s gearing-up for the Digital Economy and Financial Tracking System…The ‘talk’ isn’t propaganda. They most certainly are going to implement this travesty while CCP Spies are in Office in the Western Hemisphere and taking more and more area via CCP Military through the ‘Roads and Bridges’ Program for their Neo-Feudalist Technocracy. Has NOBODY seen the CCP Military to be the Globalist’s Strong Arm as the U.S. becomes weaker and weaker through the OBiden ‘Gutting and Purging’, CCP Police Forces on foreign land, owning loans of the west that can’t be paid back. occupying foreign territory as in the western islands of Canada, CCP/Chinese Business Monopolies in Business and Technology once owned by the west and purchase of land in foreign countries of patriots? Time to go after the TREASONOUS/SEDITIOUS to indict, Try and Punish…Especially for ‘High Treason’ in the case of Presidents of Countries selling-out.

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