Bergoglian Vatican: Where heresy is attributed to the people of God

Editor’s Note: This is why Pope Benedict XVI never validly abdicated, he knew that in conscience he could never cede power to these freakish perverts and audacious liars, though they demanded it.

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4 thoughts on “Bergoglian Vatican: Where heresy is attributed to the people of God”

  1. Pope Benedict XVI has created a situation where the evil is as EXPOSED in the Vatican as it is in the world at this time. WE KNOW WHO THE EVIL IS. WE KNOW WHERE IT IS. WE KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. Now, guess faith is the necessary ingredient to derive the COURAGE TO GO AFTER IT, INDICT, TRY IT AND PUNISH TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW in both institutional settings. Praise the Lord Jesus…The timing for both his Church and the globe could only have been his very own.

    1. Pray for Pope Benedict XVI too, for his time on earth is indeed still the Time of Mercy, a time where we can still repent and beg for forgiveness.

      “… a time, and times, and a half … ” we are really living the Book of Revelation. Those who died worthily for Jesus will be raised and will be in the new Heaven and Earth. I will keep holding on that promise.

  2. Kudos to this woman for asking that question and verbalizing it so eloquently, the panel certainly looked uneasy in their chairs, as well they should.

  3. Soon they will call us “terrorists” too for upholding the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary, but most especially for being a true Christian.

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