5 thoughts on “For Halloween, Elon Musk dressed as a warrior of the demon, Baphomet”

  1. Wow! Guess we know the spirit Elon bows to, huh? Eew…Can’t stomach reptiles…Especially snakes. Man Alive. Not a surprise…Suspected before now. Also, on ‘Babylon Bee’ he claimed to be Christian…For what that is worth.

      1. Putin’s real deity is the STATE; Communism is a religion, too, after the mold of Islam more, but the State is its deity. It demands total & sole worship, & penalizes those who worship any other deity. Remember, Putin was born into Stalin’s USSR, and later served in the KGB. He has always been an hard-line Communist. He only allows the Orthodox church because he realized many of the social problems that developed during Communism had previously been prevented by that state religion before Communism shut it down, & USES it as a tool to control his people more productively. Christian, himself? Don’t think so. He pays lip service at best. There’s no outward evidence of conversion there, & his statement about reopening that church didn’t sound like such was ever his intent.

  2. Until seeing this picture, also somewhere else, recently, I never heard of the name baphomet.
    And this name I don’t need in my ‘system’

    Further: the PM of Alberta, Danielle Smith, is under attack.
    She needs our prayers for protection.

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