FAKE NEWS: International Group of “Scientists” find no mRNA, Spike Protein in the DeathVaxxes

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Like Regis Tremblay, I was hoodwinked by this woman calling herself “Poornima Wagh”, because someone told me she was reliable and she was worth listening to. I leave my article here (with corrections) as a historical record.

Take-aways: The DeathVaxxes were publicized with complete lies. There is no mRNA or Spike protein or viruses in them, nor anything biologic. They contain instead toxic chemical compounds, chiefly hydrogel and graphene oxide.

There is also a Rumble version:

This study was done on every major brand of Death Vaxx in the world, Hundreds of samples by one of the most qualified team of scientists yet to be assembled, with several highly expert testing methods.

The good news is, that because the DeathVaxxes harm via chemicals, DE-TOXING may be possible. The chief toxins are the graphene oxide and hydrogel and heavy metals!

Hydrogel is electrically conductive and can crystalize in antenna like structures.

However, this study does not explain the other things seen in the DeathVaxxes by the teams in Spain which did see parasites and growing molecules.

UPDATE:  Poorima Wagh’s credential impugned, in this follow up report, where she is exposed as faking her academic credentials from London, UK.

The man interviewed is Eric Coppolino, and his article, which he refers to in this interview, is found here.

Editor’s Updated Note: My own father had a Ph D., from Columbia University, NYC, and I can assure everyone, that the first thing academics expect is to be asked where they studied, what they got their degree in, and the name of their doctoral thesis. They want everyone to ask them and they delight in explaining it in detail. So I hold this investigative journalist’s forensic criteria for questioning Wagh to be sound. — Now that I know that this channel is from Russia, I will not quote it further. I myself ask my readers’ pardon for having posted it in the first place.

As a Cultural Anthropologist (B. A. University of Florida: Gainesville, 1986), I do not think it is necessary to consider anything Wagh said as true, and all her claims can now be dismissed as a big fib. Her motivations could have been merely to get publicity. And it it is not necessary that someone paid her to do it. If the investigative journalist was lying, she could have easily refuted him by showing her academic credentials, which every academic has entirely no problem in doing. She has not, therefore, she has conceded his investigation is sound.

So I have corrected the title to this post, by adding quotes around the word, Scientists, and prefacing with “FAKE NEWS:”

Regarding the final comments by this investigative journalist is sound. We need to distinguish between news which contains claims, suppositions, inferences, speculations or documented facts. And not confuse these categories, only the final of which are certain, but all of which could be faked. Just because a “report” contains information does not mean that information is true or that the speaker is credible.

UPDATE: Purnima K. Wagh has published papers at ResearchGate.Net, one of which was published by a NeoPlasia, an apparent Scientific Journal, which published a paper of which she is a co-author, for a study funded by ANTHONY FAUCI of the National Institute of Health. Now either this paper is a fake, or one can suspect that Wagh is controlled opposition, simply because she once did get funding from the NIH. I doubt the paper is fake since it is cited by 49 other papers (source here). So either Wagh is faking to be Wagh, or Wagh faked her academic credentials on her interviews, but really has lesser credentials, or perhaps has faked her credentials for more than 12 years.

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24 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS: International Group of “Scientists” find no mRNA, Spike Protein in the DeathVaxxes”

  1. I’m sure the one Dr Faucci and his cronies got on camera were placebos. (He rubbed the wrong arm afterward 😹 )

  2. Who Knows. Does it matter what chemicals are in them? All the toxins of whatever species on Earth or metals as ingredients?

    All mattering is the behavior and demands of Govt. Officials KNOWING SERUMS TO BE INEFFECTIVE, ARE POISON AND STILL MANDATING THEIR USAGE…Proving themselves as GENOCIDAL AS Chinese Doctors.

    How many Chinese are FORCED INTO GENOCIDING the Uighurs and Political Prisoners practicing any religion and not bowing and worshiping Xi. Not that human beings are not of more value, but as cruelty to animals is consistent with sadism of humans; it is worth mentioning the fact of Chinese sadists skinning literally millions of cats and dogs ALIVE while screaming and seeking to escape; only to have their writhing, skinned and bloody, tortured bodies thrown into piles while convulsing to death. Such beings ARE NOT HUMAN NOR OF GOD…And, our own professionals ARE EXACTLY AS THEY, only worse since they’ve had the CHOICE OF CHOOSING Jesus Christ and KNOW there is another, better and opposite way of life based in HELPING instead of HARMING.

    The average population MUST RISE, FIGHT BACK…Or, the ways of the Godless CCP IS THAT THE WHOLE GLOBE WILL BE ENSLAVED BY.

      1. We’ve been had like those “Prince of Jamaica” or “King of Nigeria” emails!

  3. I fear that the DeathVaxxed are already maimed and poisoned.

    Without the proper cure and now that the prices are rising, they will bow to the beast for cure in the future instead of to Jesus.

    Brother did predict that those years would be the time of the militant vaxxed, so loyal to the beast just to get a drop of cure.

    “Brother will turn against brother…” as said in the Gospel of Matthew.

  4. These ‘vaccines’ mentioned as gene-therapy in the Nederlandsche Staatscourant, 20 or 28 october 2020, come in different batches: 01, 02, 03 etc..
    These have all a different composition……

    What was understood here: they all contain celltissue of unborn children, slaughtered without sedation, a microchip and various nasty materials.

    And this: the new twitter-owner participated in a halloween-partij, dressed in a baphomet costume with a reversed cross……

    (seen on niburu.co today)

  5. I haven’t invested enough time to know what’s really going on, but Poornima Wagh was exaggerating quite a bit in the video you posted. On the same channel there is another video of an investigation into her claims here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/y5ieky3mgJoT/
    She’s never published any documents, evidently. There are a few more videos on the same topic. I don’t think her claims should be taken seriously without corroboration.

    1. It seems so… is she having money issues that is why it is not published or is she killed?

    1. No. Ignore EVERYTHING SHE SAID. It must be presumed that she was faking being a PHD and that all her claims, which were not corroborated by other real persons, are fibs.

  6. Further to my question, most doctors agree there mrma in these injections, now she saying the scientists have not found this in the injections…?

  7. Thank you, Br. Bugnolo for the update. When she said that there were no snake venoms in the shots, I became a little bit suspicious because I really think that Dr. Ardis, Mike Adams, Dr. Ruby, and Stew Peters (those who are outwardly speaking about the venoms) are all people with good characters who are not trying to sell us lies in order to profit financially. Sure they can make mistakes, but when one listens to them speak about the venoms, it does make a lot of sense.

    1. That was when I was concerned, not only because she denied it, but because she did so glibly. If I had to bet, she pulled this stunt at the request of Fauci. But I have no proof. If she has been faking her credentials the Cinncinati Hospital could be liable for fraud when they made a $ request to the NIH using her credentials.

  8. Yet the video you posted to debunk her claims is from a man who sells his astrological predictions for money. Fraud exposes fraud?

    1. Wagh has faked her academic credentials, so everything else she has said is probably not true, unless other really credential scientists come forward and say they were part of her working group. Maybe she was only a technical writer. But as for the investigative reporter, his forensic methods are good, while his profession as an astrologer is absurd. The interviewer seems to be a US citizen retired in Russia. So all these are characters, and that is why I will not be featuring any more videos where any of these three speak.

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