The Rage is Rising against Globalist Psychopaths

Editor’s Note: By next summer, I won’t be surprised that they are hunting politicians and journalists and stringing them from every lamp pole. And it will be entirely justified. Such a great crime has no punishment too extreme.

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3 thoughts on “The Rage is Rising against Globalist Psychopaths”

  1. There is NO FORGIVENESS…WITHOUT REPARATION. Govt. is SADISTIC and GENOCIDAL and many are now awakened and will NOT sleep again.

    30% of the population is inoculated to suggestibility and hypnosis and THEY ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE BY GOD TO TRY TO AWAKEN THE PSYCHOLOGICALLY WEAK. Those God has inoculated with his discernment will answer God upon death for NOT TRYING. Sins of omission and commission are all equal sin.

  2. The judgment is up to God and Archangel Michael, not to us,
    how much also this person would want to get them out of the way.

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