3 thoughts on “CANADA: Without Covid Mandates, we are under the illusion of being liberated”

  1. 4th industrial revolution is … the Mark of the Beast and the digital money ( ONE WORLD CURRENCY ).

    Many thought the Mark of the Beast is instantaneous, they didn’t realize the cunning of Satan and his slaves : the billionaires ( about almost all 2000 of them members of WEF ).

    1. Absolutely Correct. Many did assume Satan would perform the Global Coup instantly. Most didn’t realize demonic beings would spend centuries, penultimate money, time, energy skulking around, conspiring with and bringing more beings into evil to bring the coup to fruition by ‘Successive Approximations’. Few of us realized any group (s) existed spending months and years to gain more and more ground for evil in every institution in the world until FORCE could be exerted onto all people, including those of God bringing every aspect of society to heal. The west, especially, has lived under a ‘False Sense of Security’ trusting our Institutions and those running them WHEN WE NEVER SHOULD AND NEVER CAN AGAIN. Only Jesus Christ is to be trusted and those in the west are WAKING towards now knowing ourselves to have been idolatrous by making our Govts. based in FREEDOM our Gods instead of God until these last few years when our Govts. have shown themselves CORRUPT, GENOCIDAL AND NOT OF FREEDOM AT ALL. Now, we return to God and are only to be of Jesus Christ. Hard Lesson To Learn. The United States DID fight the British for FREEDOM which brought it to all the west and our fights against the Brits has made our National Identity a bit different from the Canadians in the North enjoying freedom and never choosing to fight the Brits for it. Perhaps, though still difficult, it’s a simpler matter for those in the States to WAKE UP than for the Canadians…We don’t yet know as only history can determine such facts after the fact.

  2. The “Loyalists” (those in the 13 colonies who rejected the American Revolution, and wished to remain British) went to Canada and settled mainly in New Brunswick.
    The British gave these colonies far more autonomy than the 13 colonies; made the Francophone Canadians happy by allowing them to govern themselves from Quebec, made Canada officially bilingual; and didn’t hassle them about remaining Catholic.
    Results? For historical and climatic reasons, the Canadians were more community-minded and less assertively individualistic than the Americans. From day one they were more multicultural, getting along better with ( = not robbing) the first-nations tribes, and welcoming Catholic Irish and Presybyterian Scottish immigration due to the Potato famine and the Highland clearances respectively.

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