BRAZIL: Bolonaro followers demand Military Intervention to secure election integrity

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4 thoughts on “BRAZIL: Bolonaro followers demand Military Intervention to secure election integrity”

  1. It is a good thing to see that people still fight back.
    The power of the Rosary and true devotion to Our Lady ( and true devotion to Pope Benedict XVI ) they WILL blot out that tyrant.

  2. Yesterday on a site called was announced that the Brazilian army had taken over on the 31 october, exactly at midnight, till the end of 2023.


  3. I don’t know if you can give credit to that information, M. But there are people putting more gasoline on the fire.


    “Then I saw the Brazilian flag smeared with blood or red paint. The Virgin Mary appeared, took the flag and shook it, brushing the dirt off the flag. I interpreted: ‘In Brazil, there will be a violent period, or a great onslaught of communism, but the Virgin Mary will come to the country’s rescue.’ ”

    NOTE: During his presidency Bolsonaro consecrated Brazil to Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil’s protector.

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