DeathWave hits Catholic Hierarchy?

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16 thoughts on “DeathWave hits Catholic Hierarchy?”

      1. I’m trying to understand. Are you saying that 9 cardinals and 148 bishops/archbishops died in the past year while there were only 1-2 per year before that???

      2. No, I am saying that of those who died in each year, very few were under 60 years of age, some years had 2 and some had 1, but that it has spiked back to 2. I have not analyzed the data for all age groups. Seeing that Bishops are nominated not generated, the population statistics will not be the same as the general population, since few men are appointed bishop under 60 years of age, in the first place.

  1. OK, Dumb question — why do virtually all of the Roman Rite Bishops trace their episcopal (apostolic) lineages back to a Cardinal Scipione Rebiba, ordained Bishop in 1541? (–No record of who ordained him bishop.)

    1. Well that is not nearly true. Most of them do, because he was the first to record that he ordained someone. And when bishops are consecrated, they are consecrated by 3 bishops, so one can trace through each of the 3. There are actually many of whom we do not know who consecrated them, but the followers of Rebiba were good at keeping records. Whether records were kept or not, however, has nothing to do with the validity, just record keeping.

  2. At the elevation of the precious body of Our Lord, Francis does not even look up at Him!! At the elevation of the precious blood ,Francis eyes are blocked so we cant see them.
    Also Communion in the hand to a couple of people who do not kneel or bow. How many more we dont see.
    Of certain, we know it was the New Order of the Mass !!!

    1. The Sacred Hosts are also put on their personal plate, and they lick the plate. This is now how the Communion is done.

      You can say this is the beast mentioned in the Apocalypse. They eat like a beast.

  3. For God’s Sake Alexis. Stop being this censuring of simple truth, just because you don’t like it. It makes you so equal to the ones, you claim to fight.

    2020 17 Cardinals 191 Bishops
    2019 13 Cardinals 147 Bishops
    2018 9 Cardinals 154 Bishops
    2017 14 cardinals 137 bishops.
    2016 7 cardinals and 136 bishops.
    2015 12 cardinals and 99 bishops.
    2014 10 cardinals and 111 bishops.
    2013: 9 cardinals and 136 bishops.

    Now I dare you publishing this, otherwise you are very much guilty of worse you accuse all of of you censor posts and opinions of.

    1. If one extrapolates the deaths of cardinals and Bishops upto Nov 1st, to the rest of the year you get approximately 11 cardinals and about 180 Bishops dead. The number of deaths of Bishops does seem about 20% hogher than the normal range.

    2. Here are the data for the year (January to December not November to October).

      2016 155 Total
      2017 169 Total
      2018 160 Total
      2019 164 Total triple checked
      2020 179 Total triple checked
      2021 191 Total triple checked
      2022 143 so far.

      2019 Nov to 2020 Oct 164 First year of C19 Approx 2% increase compared with 2016 – 2018.
      2020 Nov to 2021 Oct 211 First year of the ‘vaccine’ Approx 30% increase compared with 2016 – 2018.

      Based on

      Note highest number of deaths for Jan 2021.
      May they rest in peace.

      1. In complete accord with the rest of the population. 20% over normal. That’s not a death wave amongst clergy… Will become more over the next year(s) surely…

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