IRELAND: Catholic Priest stabbed in face, back and hands by Unguarded Psychopath

Editor’s Note: This attack has all the signs of a MKUltra subject who was trained to attack Catholic priests and given all the means to do it.

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2 thoughts on “IRELAND: Catholic Priest stabbed in face, back and hands by Unguarded Psychopath”

  1. He may not have needed MK Ultra or any other such programming, IF he is, as he appears he may be, a Muslim. IF that is the case, he was likely “programmed” from the cradle up by his own family, to “kill the infidels”, which he would consider a Catholic priest to be. IF he grew up in the ME, or a tight Muslim community elsewhere, he may actually have practiced “killing” teddy bears, and the like, then moving up to to killing animals during his childhood.

  2. Of course, were the assailant Muslim as it seems, we would never know according to Legacy Media. Illegal to report personal characteristics, traits or any kind of identifying factors of criminals, now. Christian west NOT PROTECTING THEIR POPULATION any longer and all are on their own and ‘racist’ to protect themselves…Or, Opposing Authority as Br. Alexis in Spain.

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