The Rising DeathWave hits Europe

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4 thoughts on “The Rising DeathWave hits Europe”

  1. What could possibly be causing this? Hmmm, think, think, think..
    Gee, I have no idea, such a mystery!

  2. Are they denying connection to the covid jabs as well? Best information says there never was a SARS-II, Covid-19 virus, seeing as no otherlevel 3 or 4 lab has reported finding such virus, even among the thousands of alleged patients “infected” with it. I find it ludicrous to believe no other lab could find an existing virus…

    1. If there has been no vi rus,i wonder w hat my husband and myself had at the beginning of it all,it wasa very strange flu like thing that lasted about 2wks. The rest is planned by N.W.O / w.h.o and w.e.f. etc.

  3. A man-made plague, and an injected one too.

    The tests for lethal injections to prison criminals were successful, so these globalists implemented it to wipe mankind.

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