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  1. Thank you for the brief history of the British crown. Very interesting. I’m sorry to see British culture collapse though I’m about half Irish by DNA. I’m just sorry to see Western culture as a whole collapse, although we have had it coming. You don’t turn your back on God and then expect no consequences.

  2. Another excellent programme, thankyou AJ and Brother Alexis.
    As an Englishman, born in 1950, raised in the heretical/schismatic Church of England, married Edith a lifelong Catholic in 1975 and, eventually, converted to Holy Mother Church at Easter 2012………I learnt some true history from your programme and laughed out loud at the following:-
    1] “The whole Tudor family were bastards with no right to the Royal Throne of England!”;
    2] “This has been a five-century-long criminal operation, nothing legitimate about it!”
    As you can imagine, there was always an immense amount of anti-Roman Catholic propaganda in my secondary schooldays but, interestingly, my C of E parents sent me to a Catholic Primary school in the care of the Servite Sisters, from 1956-1961. That turned out to be my first step towards “crossing the Tiber”.
    How ironic that Henry VIII’s 1534 Act of “Supremacy” came into force the very day after All Souls!
    And English Catholics suffered persecution for almost three long centuries until the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829.
    It is always good to bear this in mind when considering the abandonment of the One True Faith by the Vatican and [most of] the Hierarchy over the last six decades…….
    Pax vobiscum.

    1. Steve,9
      Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m beginning to wonder if conversion is in my future as well.

      My Dad was an atheist so my folks did not take me to church, but I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood and went to church with my friends and had plenty of opportunity to observe how families relate to the Church. In those days, it was Latin mass and fish for Friday’s.

      I have had seemingly random and tangential connections to the Church all my life, from being taken to the St. Vincent’s bookstore in St. Louis by my Dad, to watching/reading Brother Cadfael murder mysteries, to observing in real life the difference in spiritual “temperature” between the Catholic hospital and the secular hospital in my community (I won’t darken the door of the latter), to the great affinity I have felt for decades with St. Francis.

      I really found it interesting that you attributed your “first step” toward conversion to the time you spent in Catholic grade school.

      God really does work in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

      Only a short time ago, the thought of conversion would have been completely out of the question for me. Now, not so much.

      1. Excuse the “9”. My phone likes to play little head games with me. I think I’m going to take it down to the river and show it its future home if it doesn’t quit messing with me, lol!

      2. Many thanks, Deborah, you share the christian name of my late mother whom GOD called to her eternal rest on 8th December 2003, The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of GOD, rest in peace.

        I think you should convert as soon as possible!
        But attending an RCIA course is unlikely to teach you anything substantial about the One True Faith, only the basics of the Vatican II quasi-protestant religion!!
        Maybe you can find a good, solid, traditional religious order who might be able to arrange a programme of personal catechesis with one of their priests or brothers?
        I will include you in my daily prayers & Holy Rosary intentions.

        The fact that you are reading this website gives you a huge advantage over millions/zillions of Catholics who just read so-called ‘Catholic’ publications/websites etc the majority of which are either ‘paid for’ by the Bishops’ Conferences or heterodox at best, heretical/schismatic at worst. I would recommend ‘Father Z’ for his frequent liturgical commentaries but, personally, I have distanced myself from both Rorate Caeli and The Remnant who would describe themselves as “traditionalist” but they still have the proverbial blinkers on as regards the heretical antipope Bergoglio and constantly/tiresomely refer to him as “Pope Francis”.

        The Lord be with you.

      3. If you want to learn the Catholic Faith, start by reading the Catechism of St. Pius X, and then the Roman Catechism (Catechism of the Council of Trent).

  3. Your preparation was very sloppy brother. Henry had six wives not eight and he had two daughters Elizabeth and Mary, most definitely not a Victoria, she didn’t arrive on the scene until the 19th century!

    1. Well I did not say he had 8 wives, I asked, how many did he want.
      He had 1 wife, 5 fake wives, and 3 mistresses. So I did not speak so definitely as to err.


      As for Victoria, if I said her name rather than Elizabeth, its because I suffer from verbal dilexia, and you will often here me say right instead of left, and monday instead of tuesday and this place rather than another, because I think of one thing and say another. Probably an early sign of dementia.

  4. It was under Elizabeth I’s reign that Sir Francis Walsingham developed a network of spies, to catch the Catholics. There were even fake seminarians sent to Douay to get information on the Catholic resistance. The origins of the modern British intelligence services, perhaps?

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