USA: Catholic Bishop’s Conference Document praises CIA Agent, promoter of Masonic infiltration of the Church

Henry Robinson Luce is his name…

You can learn more about him, here.

Here is the USCCB document citing him in a praiseworthy manner at the beginning of Article I of the document, “Living the Gospel of Life: A Challenge to American Catholics”:

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5 thoughts on “USA: Catholic Bishop’s Conference Document praises CIA Agent, promoter of Masonic infiltration of the Church”

  1. The “gospel of life”??? Seriously??? Not a single Bible I have read contains that gospel; their gospels are all Gospels of Jesus Christ, and preach repentance, redemption, and sanctification in and through Him only! How easily we humans get led astray, and how WILLINGLY we follow those “pretty”, wrong paths, to eternal damnation, because they’re “comfortable”, and full of enticing distractions… The path to Heaven is narrow, rocky, thorny, twisting, and steep… surely Yhwh God would not choose such hardship for His beloved children. So goes the rationale… just like it did in the Garden of Eden, over the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, yet the truth is He has done exactly that! Jesus’ shed blood is not mere “fire insurance”; we have to WANT to choose Him above all else, and demonstrate that by holding to that strait path, not seeking the “easy” way. It’s not “earning salvation”, only showing it really is our free will choice…

  2. Robbi: You clicked on the USCCB article and got ‘linked’ to it. What date was it authored?
    The title has ‘Challenge’ & ‘Catholic’ & ‘American’ in it.
    Our Lord gave His Vicar, Leo XIII, a private audience of the private audience He was having w/Satan wherein Satan challenged Our Lord. In 1884. See Yves Dupont’s, Catholic Prophecy. Little did Leo know that Cdl Rampollo was a Mason. But he knew enough to issue, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae, and identify a problem with the Higherarchy in the Hierarchy and named it Americanism.

    A problem with the Higherarchy in the Hierarchy is that most, if not all, of the Higherarchs do not tell time honestly. Ascension Thursday is Ascension Thursday. The Lord commands honest weights & measures, and honest measuring, and honest measurers. The Catholic French were given 100yrs to Consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Catholic Catholics were given 100yrs to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Apparently the globalist, universalist, catholic Higherarchy see fit that the errors imposed on Russia should be imposed on the whole world.
    See, The Rulers of Russia, by Fr. Denis Fahey and related works by Antony Sutton. Download the ones available online while you can, and read them.

    WW1 made ‘the world ‘safe for demoncracy.
    WW2 made it effective.

    The ‘World’ is an Enemy of the Soul. And the Higherarchs of the World, Ecclesiastical & Secular, want to take as many souls to Hell as give themselves to the service of Demoncracy on Earth as it is in Hell.

    The 100yrs are almost up.

    See, We Are Warned, free online PDF. The Chastisement will eliminate 3/4 of Humanity. All of the Wicked and some of the Good Will. Also, Lord of the Rings: Apocalyptic Prophecies, E. A. Bucchanieri

    Chk out when you can.

    We don’t dialog with demoncrats. Nor with RINOs, nor with AINOs, nor with CINOs.

    For God, Family, and Country. Family 1st, and the 1st Family – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost – 1st always and everywhere. Catholic.

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