USA: Jimmel Kimmel does Baby-Sacrifice Comical Skit

Editor’s Note: The god of the Illuminati, Baphomet, is worshiped by the sacrifice of children, especially Christian children, on the altar placed on his lap. Elon Musk dressed up as a warrior of Baphomet for Halloween and now lists Hell as his home on his twitter profile. This skit reflects the Satanic religion of the ruling class in the USA, which now is not even ashamed to hide it.

In fact, “abortion” is “another word for mercy”, is an idea being praised on national TV.

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13 thoughts on “USA: Jimmel Kimmel does Baby-Sacrifice Comical Skit”

  1. notice 0:48-0:49 twinkle in its eye from 2 angles. This is not from a light source in the room.

    This is not a human.

      1. skit? i’m referring to the panel discussion about abortion. see Anne hathaways eyes from 0:46-0:49

      2. this twinkle doesn’t match with the rest of the lighting reflecting in the eye at any point in the video before or after even at the same angle.

        make it full screen and see the left eye.

    1. When Anne Hathaway’s head was shaved around 6 years ago, it was a sign she became a novice in their ranks.

      These cults usually are proud to display their rituals.

  2. This was NOT funny. It was an abhorrent mockery of the purity of innocence. Satan isn’t even bothering to hide anymore. Amazing how many sock puppets are under his control … willingly.

    Matthew 18:10
    “10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always * behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”

  3. FYI, “abortion” is a BADLY misued word. It’s true meaning is the process by which a mother’s body protects itself from a decaying deceased infant in utero, by expelling the baby and placenta. The baby has been deceased a good 24 hrs or more to produce the toxins to trigger the mother’s body’s response to expel it. THAT is an abortion, not a “miscarriage”!
    What they do at PP, et al, is straight up conspiracy to commit, and commission of, feticide or infanticide, aka murder, which also endangers the life and health of the mother.
    Millennia ago, Yhwh God cIearly informed us His opinion of child murderers.

  4. No words to describe the revulsion of this skit and THOSE LAUGHING AT IT. Dearest God, Help these horrific and evil people. 🙏🏻 Faced horrific ‘evil’ and still almost catatonic with exposure to the information you post for us at times. Br. Alexis, it’s almost impossible to cry…And, am utterly shocked God hasn’t ended everything and took his own and ran back to heaven to leave this Earthly hell to the evil believing themselves God. The Earth COULD be remarkable as it is gorgeous and wonderous and so are the creatures living in the world…Would imagine God would send the evil to ‘black holes’ impossible to escape from. Ventured into the ‘Comments’ with the ‘M’ post and wish to thank-you for placing this in your Post. Been finding much info searched for through years and never found until now. Guess God didn’t want it known widely until now…Allowed blessings and joy of career, children and the Family Farm along with a nightmare destroying the life I built leaving only what God wanted me to have in its place. PEOPLE MUST WAKE-UP…So heart-rendering so many are not.

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