5 thoughts on “Yes, the Angels of God are pro-Life and are politically active”

  1. This intervention shows once more that the saints are close to us.

    A Dutch MD, Hans Moolenburgh, wrote books about Angels based on stories told him by patients.
    One went like this:
    a man was walking alone in the streets of his city. …………..
    Later 2 people he knew told him that they had planned to attack him during that particular walk. He asked: why didn’t you do it then? They said: there were two men walking beside you.
    He: ??? There was noone with me……….

    And I am sure Hans Moolenburgh is in Heaven now, and I feel highly privileged for having had the opportunity to speak to him a few times over the phone: he was also vehemently against vaccines.
    He passed away not very long ago, missed by many………
    His books about Angels have been translated in various languages, also English……

    And about 23 years ago I was witness of a communication between Angels and our (then) young niece (between 2 and 3) and it was so beautiful. Also she had named her baby toy Jesus, to the amazement of her mum, our sister. ‘She does not have that from me……….’ our sister said.

    1. The feats of Ukraine are blessed by angels too.
      This time we see angels in action so we need to fear sinning against the Lord.

      The Lord and Our Blessed Mother has been as is always taking action for the good of our souls.

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