Az egyik legbrutálisabb gondolatsor arról, hogy mi vár

This is the Hungarian version of my 2021 warning to the world about the DeathVaxxes, which got 60K views since it aired since Dec. of 2021.

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5 thoughts on “Az egyik legbrutálisabb gondolatsor arról, hogy mi vár”

  1. Dandelion Leaf Extract will surpress the spike protein… and it is good that God made the dandelion so ubiquitous!

  2. You are seriously wrong on one key point: THE DEAD WILL BE CONTAGIOUS. The vaccinated shed spike proteins. Like me, my girlfriend is also not vaccinated, however every time she goes to the shops or into town, she suffers all the mild symptoms that the vaccinated have like headaches, inflamed swollen hands, occasional vomiting etc. as other people’s spike proteins attack her body, usually for about 72 hours afterwards.

    1. This is not medical advice but a suggestion. If she gets those ALL THE TIME, and if she does not take supplement vitamins, have her talk with a pharmacist for vitamin C, vitamin D3 suggesti9ns and drink more water than usual. Most of the common headaches are signs of need for water. The vitamins will help the body natural immunity to common flu like symptoms. Just a cheap natural solution to most common symptoms. Also might go shopping at times when stores are not so busy. Good luck.

    2. Two or three of my cats died back then too with the same symptoms, and they never go outside … so it must be from my family.

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