Brother Bugnolo Predictions Bugnolo 梵蒂岡修道士的預測:最嚴重的可能性

This is the Chinese version of my warning about the DeathVaxxes, after it became clear what was in them, in Nov. 2021, after which it got 17K views.

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11 thoughts on “Brother Bugnolo Predictions Bugnolo 梵蒂岡修道士的預測:最嚴重的可能性”

  1. You said 2 – 3 billion people will be dead within the next 12 months, that was back in November 2021, 12 months ago. There’s been a few million, maybe even up to 10 million, who’ve died from the jab but not billions. Were you deliberately exaggerating or otherwise how do you explain your vastly over estimated death count?

    1. I am not a doctor of medicine nor an expert in pathology. But you dispute my death count. Maybe in 10 years you will fault me on my time estimation instead.

    2. It seems the deaths are still continuing, and the governments ( aka paid slaves of the WEF ) are still pushing for the vaccine.

      It is just the media stopped publishing the deaths. The reality is in the morgues, the celebrities especially the sports (Oscar de la Hoya), and in the hospitals today.

      WEF quota is possibly 2 billion people or more deaths to 2030 ( the promised time of Bill Gates ).

  2. Thanks you for showing us that you did this in Chinese & other language.
    Those 17K will have spread it further by other means, and word of mouth.

  3. Bro. Bugnolo,

    This is your most significant video because it is a synthesis of the entire big picture of the Covid Satanic Plan & unparalleled crime against humanity.

    The Globalists WEF make Hitler look like a saint and the world wars like a walk in the park!

    These Top 10 Websites corroborate your claims that Covid is (beyond) the Armageddon in the Bible!

    1. ———-

    2. ———- History Reviewed

    3. ———–

    4. ———-
    and The News Aggregate includes

    5. ——— What the “rainbow” logo really mean

    6. ———

    7. ——–

    8. ——–

    9. ——–

    10. ——
    — The Globalists via John XXIII & Paul VI & John Paul II & Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva replaced the true Sister Lucy, the seer of Our Lady of Fatima, with an imposter and therefore, they also altered Her Message.

    If they can install an imposter Sr. Lucy and also alter Our Lady’s Message from Heaven, then they can alter anything on Earth, hence the Covid that will alter mankind forever exactly like the way you described it in this video. God forbid!

    Congratulations for the translation in Chinese! This video should be translated in ALL languages!

    God bless you, and AJ!

    1. The Chinese here was added by an unknown patriot of humanity. God bless them. I will pray for them daily!

      1. Can you please send me the full text in English and I’ll translate it into other languages. Thanks!

  4. WOW! That is how inspired you are by God!

    Would it be possible to ask AJ to listen to it and type it out? And I’ll send him the texts in other languages and he can put it also on your video (like it is done here in Chinese). I’m not a tech person so he’ll have to do it.

    YouTube gives the transcript (although not perfect) and it gives even the time stamp.

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