7 thoughts on “Meme of the Week: How to respond to calls for Amnesty over the Scamdemic?”

  1. Fearing for their lives, the Fauci syndicate suddenly raised a white flag, knowing it does nothing to protect them.

    Once they step down because their purpose is over, the mob will have their justice.

  2. I totally agree that these monsters must be brought to justice.

    At the same time I am confused… Doesn’t the Our Father prayer say “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”?

    How to reconcile the two?

    1. Let Caesar do the punishment for them. Even some government officials or even senators had their mothers died because of the vaxx.

      These officials will deliver the punishment to Faucci.

    2. Forgiving our trespassers doesn’t eliminate or protectthem from criminal charges or penalties. Jesus explained that.

  3. GREAT IDEA!!!

    They had the chance for mercy had they STOPPED the mandates and ‘Martial Law’ called ‘Lockdowns’ with all the other rig-a-marole involving masks and Social Distancing. Strip Bars, Pot Houses, Bars and Carry-Outs were OPEN while Holy Places providing access to Public Worship were totally SHUT DOWN. There were Business Closures/Destruction, and School Closings which have become a blessing since the Sexual Perversion filth and disgusting CRT was exposed.

    JUSTICE IS A DETERENT AND EVEN THE BIBLE RECOGNIZES IT A NECESSITY ON EARTH. What sin/crime advises the use of the ‘Millstone’? While not into millstones…The point is made very clearly along with other situations as well. There are many books addressing basic Ethics and Philosophy addressing Justice…As, Br. Bugnolo can readily advise.

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