And then you realized that Organized Crime was organized by the WEF
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4 thoughts on “And then you realized that Organized Crime was organized by the WEF”

  1. Of course, they are an Idolatrous Mob and the Govt, is a Totalitarian Mobocracy…It’s Feudal and exactly as with the Kings/Queens believing themselves God, BANKERS also believing themselves God…And, then the Aristocracy Corporations; all OWNING the Prostitute Politicians, Deep State Minions and Crooked Clerics WRONGFULLY believing themselves OVER THE BANKERS. Of course, the TRANSHUMANIST/GENE MUTILATION defines all a Totalitarian Technocracy using Chip and CRISPR Technologies to RECREATE what they view their ‘Human Herd’ into WILLING AND HAPPY SLAVES OWNING NOTHING. And, of course…As the ‘Human Herd’ is merely Livestock; it’s fair game for many to be TORTURED FOR THE NATURAL FORMATION OF ADRENOCHROME TO KEEP THE EVIL IN FINE FORM UNTIL THEY CAN DEVELOP Human Transfer to AI in some form providing MORTALITY.

  2. Only evil feels it has a “right” to control others. Yhwh God gave each of us free will to choose. He doesn’t want to “rule” us, in that context.

  3. I never thought I was going to type this one day:

    I am beginning to miss the old guard of the Italian mafia.

  4. By organizing all kinds of world championship boxing matches, Trump is clearly a part of organized crime too. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to do that.
    The “elite” is betting on both horses. Again.

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