Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider speak out in defense of the Ancient Roman Rite

Editor’s Note: It is sad to see two such high clerics attempt to justify opposition to the papal power they have freely chosen to follow instead of Pope Benedict XVI: Burke appears to have abandoned the concept of papal supremacy, and Schneider seems to have abandoned the notion that the pope is protected from harming the Church in his universal laws. — As I have often repeated in the last 30 years, the Catholic Religion is like a fabric under high tension, if you cut any fiber it begins to unravel all over.

In this case, you cannot pick and chose your pope. As I have explained here. Alas, the grace of an episcopal consecration by itself does not guarantee that one sees this. Even a Saint who raised dozens from the dead, healed hundreds, converted thousands and led an entire generation back to Christ, failed to understand this until late in life. — Let us pray for these two men, who have boarded a sinking ship.

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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider speak out in defense of the Ancient Roman Rite”

    1. I generally do not approve of anything at NOW, but this article is well written and Catholics in communion with the true Pope, Benedict XVI, can agree with nearly everything in it.

  1. The Warning shall give light back into the eyes of Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider, pray that may they feel and CHOOSE the Love of God back instead of running away to the dark abyss of hell during that moment.

    But those minutes would be VERY excruciating AND tormenting, as it was said for all those souls in mortal sin during the Warning …

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