Censorship is now worse at Twitter under Elon Musk


And this was predicted, by just reckoning whom Musk put on his new censorship board, all lefties:


The problem is widespread, even on Instagram:

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3 thoughts on “Censorship is now worse at Twitter under Elon Musk”

  1. Give the guy a CHANCE! He can’t fire everyone right off & keep it running, so he’s having to start with some, and add-on as he can hire replacements. We KNOW the employees are angry, so they’ll do what they’d been doing before, on steroids, to punish him! This is precisely why he can’t keep the fired ones on for a couple of weeks or so too. We also know leftists are who are working there, & that they tend to be viciously “sore losers”.

  2. Elon Musk is an actor and a fraud. A documentary producer on Alex Jones (who is part of the controlled opposition) made a short documentary based on open source articles over the years showing how Musk never earned money on his own and was never a genius. The Tesla was the work and brainchild of two engineers who were swept out of the company when Musk took over.

    And for the uninitiated satellites are fake. Telecommunications are based on underground fibre optic cables, ground towers, and bouncing signals off the ionosphere (hence origin of name “signals intelligence”). Nasa and its imitation iterations are money sucking $ laundering schemes. Twitter will never be what idealistic and gullible people believe under this individual who is a globalist cult member.

    1. I can assure you that Satellites do work. They receive signals from Earth and transmit them back to earth or to other satellites. My father helped designe the antenna for the first telecommunications satellite, at Bell Labs.

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