Padre Ricardo Gomez Giraldo’s declamation in apologia for Don Minutella (Spanish)

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


The above video is a response to the video below, in which Auturo Periodista on YouTube denounced as false the assertion that those who attend mass where Bergoglio is named in the Canon as the Pope, sin mortally, in which, evidently, he cites Don Alessandro Minutella on this topic, who holds that position.

Being a student and disciple of St. Alphonsus dei Liguori, I distinguish between formal and material sin, that is, when one knowingly does that which he knows to be a mortal sin and when one does that which is a mortal sin without knowing it is such.

And so, yes, if you know Benedict XVI is the pope, to attend a mass where Bergoglio is named as the Pope — where your attendance is not merely as a visitor, such as at a funeral or a tourist in the Church who does not receive communion nor prays the prayers of the mass — then you sin mortally, because to participate in an act of worship of God which is founded upon the affirmation of a horribly offensive lie (that Bergoglio is God’s Vicar on Earth) is

  1. a mortal sin of schism (because you stand among those who are separated from the true Pope),
  2. and a mortal sin of sacrilege (because you rob Benedict XVI of the honor and due this during Mass),
  3. and a mortal sin of contumely, because by doing so you insult to the Divine Majesty in His Presence (because you affirm that Bergoglio is His Vicar, though he be a heretic and thus you call Christ a liar, for having said, “I have prayed for you Simon, that your faith not fail”).

But in other conditions, you do not sin mortally, and perhaps do not sin at all, except out of a consequence of your ignoring the controversy about who is the pope, which however, after 9 years, cannot be without grave fault, since we are gravely obliged to submit to the true Pope, not merely exhorted to follow any pope we like or find upon hearsay.

But since so many Catholics, of good will, do not understand this obligation, it can be that some attend such masses without mortal sin. Though many Catholics who are lax are already in mortal sin since they do not live according to the moral law, do not remain faithful to the teachings of Christ, or violate the laws of the Church on marriage.

But NOT to sin mortally, you would truly have to be ignorant of the canonical truth that Bergoglio is not the pope, and also ignorant of the theological truth that Bergoglio teaches heresy, and factually ignorant that Bergoglio has not committed schism by handing the Church in China over to Her persecutors, since it is contrary to right morals to claim to be in communion with either an antipope, heretic or schismatic.

As I have repeatedly explained, this does not have to do with whether the Mass is licit or not, or whether the Sacrament has been validly confected or not. This controversy is reasonably sustained ONLY in regard to who is named in the Canon of the Mass as the pope, which should be the expression of with whom the priest celebrating is in communion, and thus, whether he belongs to the Church of Christ, guided on earth by Benedict XVI, or the antiChurch of the Globalists, led by Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis).

Auturo shows by his discourse that he has never studied theology, or if he has, that he does not understand it. Since attendance at Mass is not necessary for salvation nor for remaining in the state of grace. It is an obligation of divine worship ONLY when there is a mass in communion with the true Pope. Many Catholics confuse and misunderstand this, because they have never opened up a book of moral theology and because they do not understand the obligation of going to mass on Sunday in the manner the Church teaches and proposes it.

He also confuses the moral order with the canonical order. Sins exist whether there is a law or not against them. So a priest can denounce an immoral behavior before the Church canonically issues some judgement. As regards a papal schism, a priest in communion with the true pope, has the divine authority and duty to warn the faithful against being in communion with a false pope. And in doing this he does nor err or sin, if he use sound arguments. Auturo’s claim that we have to wait for judgement from the Church about who is the pope is faulty, because, rather, we have to wait for the Pope to validly resign, before we even consider as valid the election of another. We do not have to produce a document or wait for a further judgement that the “successor” is valid or not. Those who claim he is valid have to produce one. And in this case they cannot.

The present crisis in the Church requires that we act now in a way highly unlike we have acted before, according to appearances, because it is now that true Catholics in most parts of the world, without priests in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, are seen to be such by NOT going to Mass ever in communion with Bergoglio, not receiving the Sacraments from priests who name them (only in case of mortal sin, can one confess to a schismatic non heretical priest), and not visiting their churches, universities, or receiving any sacrament from them, including Ordination or Consecration, nor joining religious communities in communion with the anti-Pope.

This manner of acting is spiritual and Catholic, and thus requires a witness to integrity of life very rare today.

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12 thoughts on “Padre Ricardo Gomez Giraldo’s declamation in apologia for Don Minutella (Spanish)”

  1. I think this is reasonable for an adult in full knowledge of these arguments and free to practice the faith.

    For those of us who live in a diocese without a priest in communion with PBVI, who have children or a wife or husband who are not interested to invest the time to consider the arguments, where going to mass is better than staying home and reading our missal because they wouldn’t do it otherwise, I don’t agree.
    For kids especially adolescents, and all things being equal, the regularity of going to mass is very important, and I think there would have to be a priest relatively nearby offering mass in union with PBVI as an alternative before making such a change. Otherwise, the kids would lilely stop practicing their religion.

    And it is not a matter of imposing, because that just makes them reject what you want them to do.

    1. You are free to not agree. But you are not free to invent your own morality. I have read you the riot act on the sin of attending a mass where an antipope who is a heretic and schismatic is named. As a father it is your duty to lead not guide your family in the truth. They will respect you more for it. For one day they will know the truth, and if you act as you have proposed here, in that day they will think much less of you, and you will lose the paternal respect that you ought to enjoy and which would enable you to save them from other sins adhead in life.

      As for “missing” Mass, you can attend any mass in the world offered in communion with Pope Benedict XVI spiritually, by making this intention, and remaining in prayer for a time. The Family can say the Rosary, instead of going to the errant parish down the road, and it is sufficient to say to the family, “As Father, you have the divine authority and duty to decide with which pope the Family is in communion, and seeing that it is Benedict and not Francis, Christ will only hear our family’s prayers if we say a rosary with Pope Benedict rather than go to mass with Bergoglio.”

      1. Ni en sueños asisto yo a una Misa dónde se nombre a Bergoglio. Arturo siempre se cree en poder de la Verdad absoluta; su naturaleza soberbia lo lleva a esos extremos. Que deje a cada cuál actuar en conciencia. Por supuesto, yo creo, y respeto, muchísimo más la palabra de Don Minutella que la de él… Me ha decepcionado profundamente …

  2. I presume when he first entered his Impeded See Pope Benedict continued to say Holy Mass. So a question arises: who did Pope Benedict name at the Te Igitur (To You, therefore, most merciful Father…) at that time? And in the present, if, for example, Ab Ganswein says Holy Mass with Pope Benedict in the convent, then who does HE name at the Te Igitur?

    Well, we don’t know, do we? They may either be secretly naming Pope Benedict, or they might, with a bigger crowd there, and desiring to remain hidden, name Bergoglio by his false title, Pope Francis.

    So my question raises a further possible scenario: Pope Benedict himself might be naming Bergoglio at the Te Igitur, or he might be attending Holy Mass where Bergoglio is named. In this case, if we attend a Mass where Pope Benedict is named, then, we are united with Pope Benedict, but at the same time Pope Benedict himself, back in the convent, surrounded by the nuns who look after him etc, might be uniting himself with Bergoglio!

    Or, Pope Benedict is not saying/attending Mass at all!

    This last would be so sad; I think the most painful thing for a priest would be that he is not able to say Holy Mass.

  3. Quieren hacer el favor de permitirme corregir palabras que no han sido escritas por mí:

    – Escribí “nombre”, y no “nombró”.

    – Escribí “verdad”, y no “Verdad”.

    – Escribí “profundamente”, y no “probablemente”.

    Al no dejarme corregir esas palabras, lo que hice fue escribir de nuevo el comentario, fijándome bien en que las palabras mencionadas apareciesen tal y como yo las había escrito. Le doy a publicar, y, ¡horror!, las palabras aparecen incorrectas de nuevo. ¿Qué pasa? 🤔

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