The Big Squeeze as the road to Agenda 2030

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is extensive discussion among opposition news sources and in open forums about Agenda 2030 and how great is the threat of the Great Reset. And how they are going about to lead us into that perpetual slavery is a topic of great interest.

I have seen microchipping, digitalization, transhumanism, social credit system discussed.

But one thing I have not seen discussed is what I call the Big Squeeze: that is the progressive removal or outlawing of all other forms of social organization or activity.

The Scamdemic was really the test run to see how well “prepared” and “conditioned” the masses were. And they are frightfully so.

And this is such a scary realization, that I know many Catholics who have quit their professions and fled the cities because they no longer even want to rub shoulders with these mindless sheep who will accept and participate in the most Orwellian of dictatorships as if it were as normal as another season of the year.

But the Big Squeeze is something we cannot avoid, and I have been noticing some of the tricks.

Here in Italy, where one used to be able to purchase SIM cards for cellphones with cash and transcription of basic information, the next generation registration is moving to full digitalization of fingerprints and faces as a requirement to get a SIM Card.

Next, the ATM machines are being replaced with new versions which can scan faces and finger prints.

But what is more ominous, ATM machines have begun to refuse cash withdraws or even reduce the maximum withdraw, while maintaining the same fees.

Banks in the USA are limiting how many times you can visit the teller in any given bank!

Gasoline rationing seems to be on the horizon, even though now they are only testing it, as they have done this year in France and Ukraine.

I call this the Big Squeeze. Progressively reducing the amount you can purchase even while prices rise or fall.  Because, contrary to expectations, it is not the price you pay per item or per quantity, what really matters is how much time you have to spend to obtain a specific quantity. Once they reduce that to a certain limit, you are not only chained to constantly going to get your small ration, but you can no longer even organize an escape from the system.

Along the way toward the progressive elimination of anything which is not controlled, they will offer little increases of quantity to those who accept one kind of digitalization or transhumanism of this kind or another. And progressively, you either will be entirely transformed into a robot, in the name of having liberty and priviege, or you will be reduced to a cruel slavery where you are in danger of death from dehydration, starvation, extremes of weather or lack of work, simply because you refused to comply and remained human.

And that is Agenda 2030. You will own nothing and be happy, because you will have to spend so much time getting anything that you will spend all your times in line having fun waiting to get it!

The only solution to that is either revolution, or founding completely self-sufficient large scale communities, at the size of entire towns. So far, even the 10% who have woken up to what is going on, are not yet ready to do that.

UPDATE: the BigSqueeze also regards treating truth tellers as terrorists….
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11 thoughts on “The Big Squeeze as the road to Agenda 2030”

  1. What we need in my opinion is the realisation of shadowgovernments at the national, regional and local level,
    to step in when the weffers are removed, in order to prevent
    the planned ‘worldgovernment’.
    A different bankingsystem/moneysystem.
    Schools where kids get to learn something good………..
    A medical system where honest MD’s treat us with non-poisoning remedies, totally disconnected with the current pharmafia.
    Musicschools where the accent is on classical music.
    And more.

    1. Classical music only?
      Do you think that all non classical music is demonic?
      This is absurd. Music is neutral until. the composer decides what message to put into it.
      Some classical composers were questionable individuals and had suspicious connections.

      1. It is the music that counts: in older days in China the emperor once in a while traveled to the cities/villages to listen to the music there. If the music was good, everything was.

        You use words that were not written.

        B.t.w.: Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird co-authored years ago the book ‘The secret life of plants’
        One of the things in it: plants thrive much better on classical
        music than on rockmusic.

        Shopping centers where youngster caused trouble, used classical music to chase them out.

        And a few decades ago, during a long holidayperiod,
        the house behind the holiday rental was frequented by junkies.
        They played their ‘music’ so loud that the doors in the sidestreet were shaking.

        Then this idea came up: put the c.d. player outside on a chair and play the Radetzky March as loud as possible.
        So thought, so done.
        Shortly after starting this, one youngster rang the doorbell and said: could you turn the music off, we can’t hear ours anymore.
        This is the answer he got: as soon as you stop your noise,
        playing this March is no longer necessary. Quit disturbing the neighborhood.
        Of and on neighbors had been calling the police: nothing helped.
        Somewhat later the doorbell rang again: a (nice) policeman
        stood at the door.
        He said the youngsters had called them. That was an excellent opportunity to speak on behalf of the neighborhoodtrouble they caused.
        And if necessary the March will be played again, until they stop their horrible noise.
        The police never had to come back.

  2. I have observed a frantic almost comically desperate acceleration
    from the left in their race to meet their 2030 agenda. It’s almost as if they have been given a critical timeline that needs to be achieved by that specific year.
    Am wondering what is driving it. It does appear there have been a number of unforeseen obstacles (perhaps divine intervention) that have significantly slowed them down along the way.
    Many of their more recent actions
    reek of fear & recklessness.
    Is it possible that the blood-written contracts with their demonic overlord will come due for all of them if they have not achieved his agenda by 2030?
    Time will tell.
    But whatever the outcome,
    in the end… God wins!

    1. I came across a comment months ago that the luciferians who use occult methods to see the future cannot see themselves after the year 2030. Originally they planned to have their death jab rollout closer to 2050 but they had to accelerate their timeframe due to this strange prophecy. I pray God takes them out soon.

      1. It just means the Warning is near, so is the Great Tribulation, which is the short but very harrowing years of The Antichrist in Rome, the Land of Sodom(y) and Egypt ( Freemasonry ).

      2. That will happen if they are named one by one in the judgement Prayer of Archangel Michael.
        But it should end with: .nevertheless, not my will, but Thine be done.
        So no personal vengeance……, how understandable it may be.

        Yesterday read in a spiritual book: germs do not exist:
        the MDs just gave that name.

  3. More and more msm-journalists distance themselves from the
    fake news of their organisations.
    (see the article/video on

    And: how are things in Brazil/Brasil after the rigged election?

  4. I commented that there would be a colorful revolution before the elections. Brazil was already under hybrid attack in good weather. Through the people paid and put in power in the country to maintain the division, because it is necessary to divide to conquer. Self-employees from the United States of America have been here before for Brazil to maintain “democracy” to respect the outcome of the election. The demõnio is a genius of evil.

  5. The first temptation of Satan to Jesus “If you are God, turn these stones to bread … “. The Gospel of Matthew tells the first weakness of man, hunger. The devil knows it and destroyed Ukraine and is destroying the farms in Netherlands to create a famine.

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