UK: He would be happy if 53 Million people dropped dead before 2025

Noteworthy above all is his admission that he has been advocating this since 1972 in the Conservative Party. And it appears they have had no problem with that. No surprise then that they appointed a Rothschild Social Credit Brahman as their PM last week.

He is an altar-boy in comparison with this guy, however:

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5 thoughts on “UK: He would be happy if 53 Million people dropped dead before 2025”

  1. In 1968, before Humanae Vitae, but, after the huge population control people came to power in the Church via V2….and the msm….I was perplexed as to whether to be open to life, or take the new birth control pill.I had 3 toddlers under 4 . But, I believed in God and the whole propaganda machine pushing it came also from within the Church.
    Back in 1958, after asking God to let me know if the Catholic Church was the one true Church, I was at Mass and suddenly I had a split second of the gift of knowledge. A supernatural light lit up in my head and then it was gone…but, I knew . I KNEW, IT WAS GOD.
    SO, I PRAYED ,” Thank you God. I’ll never ask again for any gift from You. I now know I’m in the one true Church established by God to give grace..I only hope if I ever need to know anything else, that I need to save my soul that You will let me know. Meanwhile I’m going to try to keep all of Your Commandments and laws of the Church. ”
    Ten yrs later, the birth control confusion hit. On June 16 1968, I had another message. ” I Am The Author of Life, Trust in Me.”
    I doubted it, and a black veil closed out the locution.
    I cant begin to tell you the horrors of Hell that came down upon me, until I learned to obey. One month later Pope Paul 6th came out with Humanae Vitae.

  2. According to Catechism of the Catholic Church there are acts that are morally evil and cannot be called good or neutral, this includes murder, blasphemy, and adultery… and some others.

    These politicians in every nation has no regard to human life that they call them as numbers to be sifted. It would be near when we see the streets of Europe being flooded with murders and being burned. This is the Babylon that Jesus mentioned that will be burned as punishment for spilling the blood of the saints.

  3. The great Babylon, in my opinion, is the one that interferes with the sovereignty of other nations with its culture, ideology, music, etc. Tomorrow, the 8th, it will be clear to many that the fall of their empire is near, following the example of the great Roman Empire.

    1. If you put a Brahman in position, yes that would be their downfall.

      It is the worst kind of revenge that will be seen in history, maybe that is why it is recorded in the book of Apocalypse.

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