4 thoughts on “SCOTLAND: Government admits the wearing Medical Masks is harmful”

  1. I saw neighbors having severe coughs because they put the mask for a whole day.

    The most healthy people I saw are those without masks.

  2. So…tell me something I didn’tknow over 50 yrs ago? Those masks were NEVER meant to be worn that way, especially the.newer ones load3d with graphene oxide (1 of the many txins also found in the jabs; remember the “magnetic” people?) In the 1st place, they were designed to stop bacteria, NOT viruses! 2nd, there’re the issues of rebreathing your own trapped bacteria and CO2 (the former leads to infections on and around or in the mouth, the latter to altered and unhealthy body pH, which leave you more vulnerable to diseases). Even surgery teams take breaks with masks off, and change masks between patients, or during long procedures involving teams of personnel, because it’s unhealthy ! Then there are issues with communication, control, etc… Nothing about masks was necessary, healthy, or rational!

  3. tip: IF you need/are forced to wear a mask: tape the in- and outside off with transparent tape: then the toxins can’t escape anymore.

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