Why should Catholics be politically inert, when God’s Angels are activists?


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5 thoughts on “Why should Catholics be politically inert, when God’s Angels are activists?”

  1. It seems that America is reserved by God as a place for refuge for those to flee from Europe when the whole Europe is to be invaded by all sorts of … plague and wars. It might be from this side they will see the burning EU.

    We all know the entire East is already a Communist front.

    1. And, the U.S. is quickly becoming as saturated with the SEDITIOUS/TREASONOUS. Congress MUST change three laws to allow the TERMINATION of members of the ‘DEEP STATE’. THAT would be a tremendous boon to the return of SANITY of ‘The Constitution of the United States’, but as they are equally CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT and loyal to the Masons and CCP, it’s highly doubtful they’ll do ANYTHING to return to The Constitution and POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

    2. It WAS, when America honored God; I think that may have been more a “snort of derision” from God, than a sign of His favor, that knocked over those flags.

  2. That does seem a mite too “coincidental” in terms of the timing. The words we translate, from both Hebrew and Greek, as “spirit” are also their words for “wind”; even Genesis tells us God “breathed the spirit into Adam”, so “moving air” was involved. Just saying…
    As far as being quiet, NOW is the time when; humanity has most needed the “salt and light” in all of human history. It’s not the time to be a bench (pew) warmer; it’ time to take up both your cross and your spiritual gifts, and get in the game!

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