A accused Pedo protector was admitted to the “Conclave of 2013” to elect Bergoglio

Editor’s Note: This article is from March 12, 2013. But it went unnoticed by everyone, and I have never heard anyone speak of this report, from the day before Bergoglio was “elected”. I now understand why it was buried.

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2 thoughts on “A accused Pedo protector was admitted to the “Conclave of 2013” to elect Bergoglio”

  1. HOW has any church calling itself Christian, allowed this to continue??? How does any man or woman professingto be Christian do it even once, let alone repeatedly over yrs??? How do other adults NOT know it’s happening to children around them??? Above all, HOW does the “reputation” of a person or institution take PRECEDENCE over the welfare of a CHILD Yhwh God has entrusted to their care??? What happened to “Suffer the little children to come unto Me”? Nothing impairs a child’s faith, or ability to trust even Him like incestuous sexual abuse! Adults have a choice; children, in those situations, do not. They believe parents, or others in loco parentis, cant do “wrong”, won’t lie to them…and that it’s the children’s faults they are being so hurt and betrayed! They even believe it is God punishing them for being so evil, without having a clue what egregious sins they have committed. The children get a “life sentence”, while the abuser is protected? How do any believe Yhwh God views THAT??? Protecting this is just as evil as participating directly in it! No individual or institution is WORTH that!

  2. This copious amount of evidence is enough to tell that if people still believe in Bergoglio… they have indeed sinned against the Holy Spirit.


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