Maurizio Blondet: “Bergoglio demonstrates in the end, … that he is not the Pope”

Editor’s Note: With his final comment on this essay, Maurizio Blondet one of the most influential traditionalist-conservative commentators and journalists in Catholic Italy has openly declared that Bergoglio is not the pope, and has seemingly moved into the camp of “Benedict is the Pope”. This declaration, which represents an earthquake in the lay world of the Church in Italy is surely to be quoted over and over:

MB – col fatto che ha decretato una così radicale sovversione della natura stessa della Chiesa, Bergoglio in fondo dimostra la verità che Andrea Cionci ha esposto nel suo libro Il Codice Ratzinger: che non è il vero Papa. Nessun legittimo successore di Pietro avrebbe trasformato al Roccia in una duna, né trasformato la Chiesa in un parlamento.)

My translation:

M.B. – with the fact that he has decreed such a radical subversion of the very nature of the Church, Bergoglio demonstrates in the end the truth which Andrea Cionci has expounded in his book, The Ratzinger Code: that he is not the Pope.  No legitimate successor of Peter would have transformed the Rock into a sand-dune, or the Church into a parliament.)

M. B. stands for, “Maurizio Blondet”, and this comment is made as an Editor’s Note, at the end of the article, “Sinodo sulla Sinodalità di Bergoglio: la tragica Sovversione terminale anticristica” (Bergoglio’s Synod on Synodality: the tragic final Anti-Christic subversion.

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4 thoughts on “Maurizio Blondet: “Bergoglio demonstrates in the end, … that he is not the Pope””

  1. It appears to me, although the opposing sides to this extremely important, even earth shattering problem, all seem to have their ducks in a row……., that there is a sinister element involved. That element is that this gravely important question is being ignored by the Vatican and its modernist strongholds. …which includes many links…which could all the way lead back to Karl Marx, Engels, Bakunin in the 1840s. Bakunin was a Russian aristocrat, a 33rd degree freemason, and a Satanist and one of the founders of the Communist party..( source Century Book of Facts 1900).
    There are voices out there pleading for answers that are not seeking publicity, but know that there is something so gravely wrong. Is the answer that the truth is so horrible that they dont want to know the truth.??? This is cowardice.

    1. Extreme love of self … takes form in cowardice.
      Cowardice is being taught by every media – to worship yourself.

      Padre Pio is right in telling “throw your television away”.

  2. As an “outsider” ( Protestant) non-Catholic, who has studied religions, including Roman Catholicism, for decades, both formally and independently, and lived among, and been friends with, numerous Catholics over the decades, and observed several different popes over those decades, I will say Bergoglio is the 1st I have seen so frequently speak and step outside what I know to be long standing Catholic catechism, and doctrine. Each of the popes of whom I have been aware and observing from the physical and spiritual distance of an American Protestant, has been very different as a man, and in how he led the church, but until this one, they “stayed inside the lines” of the catechism, and doctrine almost entirely, and strayed only very narrowly on rare occasions: bringing the mass into the language of the people, I see as a positive. Bringing congregational music worship in (hymn singing) also seems a positive; neither of which changed the format of the mass much, but added a dimension of congregant participation in the worship, and music often “speaks” when our minds don’t know what to say, but our hearts can speak that way.
    However, supporting the practice of sins, even those Yhwh God has called abominations, is a very different matter. I can’t find how He has changed His position on them, in His Word, and I can’t see how He would approve such moves by a pope, any more than by a Protestant minister, orJewish Rabbi, let alone bless those practicing such sins, or the ones supporting them. I think it might behoove Bergoglio to reread, if he has ever read, that part of the Pentateuch, where the Israelis are between the two mountains, affirming one Yhwh has chosen for blessing, and the other for cursing, and what that means, because I don’t believe Yhwh God has ever rescinded that either. Nor do I believe it was ” just for the Jews”.

  3. The “parliament” of churches … The One World Religion.
    The Beast, and Bergoglio is forcing the Cardinals in Vatican to bow to it.

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