8 thoughts on “There is a stunning lack of remorse among those suffering from Covid Psychosis”

  1. their brains and souls have been ‘kidnapped’: these are no longer under their control.
    The pcrtest was/is meant to destroy their epifyse: the spiritual organ in your forehead/third eye.
    A woman who, though unvaccinated, had to take a pcr-test
    (while only a bloodtest has sense) told me it was very hurtful.
    That is not normal. It went high into almost her brain.

    And christian drosten made his own sadistic version of it:
    sharp, metallic particles etc..
    If remembered well, prof. Antonieta Gatti researched them under her microscope.

    1. These “Doctors of PCR test” made well use of the history they looted from Egypt on using nose probes to reach the brain.

  2. We are emotionally exhausted.
    It takes energy for outrage, and we are worn out due to long-term cortisol stress.
    A lot of overweight post-shut-downs is not due to overeating or under exercising ( though they can be factors ) but rather due to adrenal fatigue and depression.
    The outrage is there, but for now it’s internalised.
    One day something seeming minor or trivial will trigger and then — rioting in the streets, or violence of a kind that cannot now be imagined.
    “Beware the wrath of the patient man.”

  3. Just go to any social networking site and see the backlash you get for telling them that Pfizer admitted that their shots are not safe.

    You can see their comments from being illogical to spiteful or even hate speech, including an attack on person.

  4. Title could be better.I think people would automatically feel remorse As Dr says what is missing is the outrage of being killed by a deadly criminally used vaccine

  5. Dr McCulloch mentions the mass formation psychosis; this is not unlike what happened under Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany. When you do as the authority demands of you, believing it to be your duty, there is no remorse, even when others die for it, because you were just obeying the authority, so how or why could you feel shame or outrage. Many of the German people were confused by Allies’ stunned and outraged queries as to why they didn’t stop what was happening, that was clearly so evil, in their midst. Such queries were, to the Germans, as incomprehensible as was their failure to intervene and stop the slaughtering of the Jews and others, in the death camps! Their minds had been inured to the .
    Ifan unborn, or just newly born baby is less than huma, and suffering of others, they, at that time, believed to be less than human, somehow. If an unborn, or newly born baby is also “less than hunan”, it can be murdered with impunity, how big a leap is it then, to a toddler, pre-schooler or young school child? If the 1 has no human worth, how has the other? If an human from this people group has no more value than a rat, or cockroach, how has an human from the next group? It’s purely subjective, and changeable at a whim from the PTB. So, if the powers say a few must die for the greater good ” because they were too weak,” or whatever excuse is given, how and why would there be outrage? They did their duty abd served the collective. The parents have become “good little ‘bots” for the collective. There must be a football, basketball, or baseball game on, of greater importance, now… This is their utopia. What’s totally sad is they don’t even realize what they have become.
    My question, still, is what will Yhwh God do about those who accepted the jabs, and allowed, by free choice, if with total lack of comprehension that RNA changes DNA, or that altered human DNA was 1 of the reasons for Noah’s flood. Can those not previously redeemed now be bought back, even when they repent and call on Jesus? Or does their now corrupted (no longer pure human) DNA prevent that, as it did in Noah’s day? And what of those who were redeemed before, but chose to accept this corruption into their bodies? Are theystill redeemed, as if by the skin of their teeth, or has that annulled their redemption? Yes, like Eve, they were deceived by Satan’s lies. But if this was kind of a test for what will happen when it is the mark of the beast and the consequences of refusal are much steeper, then it appears an awful lot of people have “flunked”… and I would truly like to know for sure what the consequence of that will be for them. Will they be “left behind” at the rapture to have a 2nd chance with the real mark coming? Or have they already sealed their fates, by yielding to the pressure and threats, and corrupting their DNA?

    1. They will have sores that will cover their bodies that will not heal and they will raise their fist to the heavens, even blaspheming God.

      Psychosis is a technique to remove repentance from your actions that are morally evil: blasphemy, adultery, murder, and calumny. Their repentance is replaced by a reward system by deforming the conscience into following an error.

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