UK: New Rothschild Puppet wants to pump 1 Trillion Pounds into Climate Guilt Payments

Meanwhile, one advantage of having a totally senile head of state is that he occasionally tells the truth:

But what is funny about the Climate Political scheme, is who is not being made to pay for damage to the environment:

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2 thoughts on “UK: New Rothschild Puppet wants to pump 1 Trillion Pounds into Climate Guilt Payments”

  1. Your OMC programme with AJ, “Meet the New and Dangerous Prime Minister of the United Kingdom”, that ‘joined up many dots’ so it was no surprise when I saw the Rothschild-puppet-PM at the latest “climate-change” conference, having already ‘befriended’ his globalist-masonic buddy King Charles III.

    The really revealing information in this posting is that “Annual CO2 emissions” graph!
    So, over the past c.50 years the EU has managed to reduce emissions by about 25% and the USA is much the same as it was in the 1970s having reduced emissions in recent years.
    BUT….Communist China has increased emissions more than tenfold!!
    This proves beyond any shadow of doubt which country has had the most “political clout”, especially over the last two decades…….but what I cannot determine is:-
    How much of a ‘puppet’ of the WEF/WHO etc is President Xi and his marxist cabal of obedient brainwashed subordinates?

    Pax vobiscum.

  2. This concept of paying reparations to the living for things that impacted peoples long dead, is just another aspect of the general psychosis, as is the notion that we humans could possibly impact the climate of Earth! We are not God; only He has that level of power.

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