11 thoughts on “USA: Why did Trump insult Ron De Santis, Catholic Governor of Florida?”

  1. How strange it may be that President Trump attacked Gov. de Santis, how even more strange is the following.
    Päivi Räsänen, MP, fmr Interior Minister, quoted the Bible while voicing her opposition to her church’s sponsorship of an lbtgq-event.
    She now possibly faces two years in jail.

    Source: citizens.news/595912.html

  2. Though never like Trump personally due to course, mean, low-brow and often insulting social interaction among his opposition…And, fully aware of his connections with the Skull and Bones backed by the Rothschilds…He was the better choice for President in 2016. Further, he was the ONLY choice for President in 2020 and overall; though he wasn’t perfect, he was the best President of my lifetime. Now, Italian/polished DeSantis seems a viable candidate and there is little to no information about his SOCIAL CONNECTIONS as there is about Trump. I DO NOT agree with his continued support of the Soros created and financed ‘ERIC PROGRAM’ which is supposed to be an organization created to ‘CLEAN VOTER ROLES’ when in fact is’s a ‘Voter Registration’ mechanism for all kinds of ILLEGAL VOTERS CLEANED THROUGH DIGITAL ID TO APPEAR LEGAL. DeSantis KNOW what it is and continues to allow FL reliance upon it for Legal Voting. THAT INDICATES TO ME OF THERE BEING CONNECTIONS TO THE SAME ORGS AS TRUMP AND almost every Protitute Politician currently holding Office or trying to.

  3. YES, trust NO ONE in political office. Trump is a big fraud on EVERY level and I have seen in numerous places (including publications from Europe) that his family name is actually Drumpf, and Jewish. At the very least, Trump is a Rothschild puppet, Epstein-connected pervert, and anti-Catholic who has outed himself in numerous ways (for those with eyes to see), but especially when he became our Mr. “Operation Warp Speed” death-vax cheerleader.

    That said, NO ONE becomes a governor unless they sign on with the controllers and their agenda — no matter how “conservative” they appear to be. If DeSantis had been a political leader in Haiti, Tanzania or Zambia he would now be dead — as these heads of state who (genuinely) opposed the vax agenda all died suddenly and unexpectedly. DeSantis has been put on an obvious trajectory that includes an apparently bright political career, and so he is being allowed to do conservative/libertarian types of things and to appear to be a defender of individual freedoms. He would never get away with this unpunished if the controllers were not with him!! There is clearly some sort of plan for DeSantis. He is an establishment man playing his political game, just as the darling (fake) “conservative” Trump continues to do. And while Trump specializes in political theatrics, this time we can see his true vitriolic personality.

  4. Yes, we’ll see whether DeSantis is just another fake conservative like Trump or not. Because any prominent and apparently conservative high official today is either ultimately a fake act (=an owned entity serving a purpose like Trump in the false right-left paradigm) OR is genuine and on borrowed time before that influence gets neutralized one way or another.

    A good example of such a fake is Governor Glen Youngkin, the new conservative darling in Virginia. As a recent Chief Operating Officer of the globalist The Carlyle Group (are you kidding me???) he is an obvious wolf in sheep’s clothing for those who understand what is really going on. Youngkin says ALL the right things, but his background betrays who he really is. And who he is working for. He will do the bidding of the globalist corporations in a quite strategic state, most likely a lot behind the scenes like Trump.

    The telltale issue here is that both Youngkin and DeSantis have been made governors. And all governors are controlled and get their orders at the various regional governors’ meetings from the globalist controllers. And TRULY bucking the big boys – and not just APPEARING to buck them — can be very costly for one’s personal future.

    1. AJ and I have dug into the resume of De Santis, we cannot find any globalist connections. So while I have the general suspicion that you have, as a Catholic I do not hold it as probably unless I can verify it in something, which I cannot for this man. I think since so many of us thought Trump was a savior, even though he is a multiple married protestant NYCer, maybe we should lighten up on suspicion about DeSantis who is a practicing faithful Italian American Catholic?

  5. I hope you’re right about DeSantis but there are 2 big concerns:

    1) US governors are tightly monitored/controlled. I personally know of a Harvard lawyer (with integrity) who had made known intentions to run for governor in a US state, but got an unexpected phone call from a famous globalist entity TELLING him/her that he/she would “never win” unless ALLEGIANCE was pledged to that globalist entity dictates. This fine lawyer had the integrity to withdraw his/her plan to run for governor rather than be a globalist slave or play in that deadly game. So, I learned quickly the real state of affairs in USA politics today — at least starting on the governor level. And if this Harvard lawyer had AGREED to be a globalist slave, and had entered the big political arena, and we had researched his/her background, there would have been NOTHING to suggest anything unsavory or suspicious or subversive, let alone globalist. All that was needed was that one simple YES to “the plan” — and NO ONE WOULD EVER KNOW whose bidding was really being done. So, just the fact that DeSantis is in office as a governor most likely indicates (and I propose even with probable certitude) that he has gotten there with some level of permission & pledged obeisance.

    AND, in another rigged national election where the “Right” was not permitted to do well (a blatant anomaly), DeSantis was handed a shining star victory. So, it frightens me how popular DeSantis is now becoming (even nationally) — just as was fomented with “commoner” Trump.

    2) If the DeSantis trajectory continues (we can fear for him if it does), and he accepts to be even a candidate for the presidency (as is being discussed), we will see even more clearly that his role has been “authorized” by the controllers. But then again, as with that Harvard lawyer, DeSantis surely will have been told (and submitted to) the rules for playing the game way before that.

    1. I agree that as a Republican he cannot be faithful to the Faith, but I think we are about to see Catholics driven from the GOP and I hope De Santis leaves too.

  6. As you stated Well Bro. Bugnolo they’re all Masons…All are diehard Zionist for the State of Israel…All media outlets are “controlled”….I’m not sure if Any person can be a public figure without Sel(ng their Soul to the Israeli Mullock god!

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