VATICAN: Cardinal of Bergoglian Committee on Economy admits Pedophilia

Editor’s Note: Made a Bishop by John Paul II, raised to the dignity of the Cardinalate by Pope Benedict XVI, appointed to the Committee on the Economy by Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The victim was a 14 year old girl. This was just 6 years after John Paul II allowed altar girls. — The recent push by lefties in France who asked victims of pedophilia to come forward was heavily mocked on social media only by Traddies who publicly insists that Bergoglio is the pope.  This should stop everyone and make them consider what kind of relationship the so called “una Cum” traditionalists are playing in the Church. — Note, this Cardinal is not of the episcopal lineage of Rampolla del Tindaro, but he has consecrated many Bishops, all of whom are now under a cloud of suspicion. But he was ordained a bishop in the lineage of Cardinal Liénart, the same Bishop who ordained Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre as a priest, the founder of the Society of St. Pius X, notorious for ordaining, promoting and hiding pedophile priests round the world. Cardinal Richard was seen as a close friend of Traditionalists in France. — Maybe you can begin to see a pattern here…

For my part, I ask you, “Just think of how many Cardinals, Bishops and priests wanted to get rid of Pope Benedict XVI when they discovered he has kicking out 500 priest perverts and predators. If he had remained in power, maybe his investigations would have uncovered their trysts?” There is motive, then, strong personal motive, for NOT wanting him back.

UPDATE: We should ask ourselves, if such a man should be allowed to live…

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13 thoughts on “VATICAN: Cardinal of Bergoglian Committee on Economy admits Pedophilia”

  1. pedophilia suggests that the crooks love children, but they actually hate hem: otherwise one would not do to them what they do: they only think of themselves, their own gratification:
    adulthood is far away in these childrenhaters.

    1. It’s the pedophiles who claim they”love” children, but what they do to children is in no way loving.

    1. “una Cum” is what the Italians in communion with Pope Benedict XVI often call those who insist on praying in communion with (una cum) Bergoglio.

  2. Can’t stomach knowing any more about Bergoglio. Already removed all measly personal funding from the Church and don’t and though time is given for Food Bank and other Organizations, won’t be giving even meat or vegies to the Church, itself, EVER AGAIN while Bergoglio and his band of demons remain.

    1. Actually, plant produce for yourself and prepare for the famine.
      The war will produce so much poverty that the crops you grow will make you survive and pray to Jesus always – the Holy Rosary. Mama Mary is really protecting us.

      Didn’t Jesus multiply the loaves and the fish. He may multiply our water jars in the time of famine since the government controls all water reservoirs. The widow got that reward during the famine because she helped in her poverty the prophet Elijah. May we in God’s blessing receive the same miracle and assistance.

  3. “If he had remained in power, maybe his investigations would have uncovered their trysts?”

    What happened to the 300 page dossier that PBXVI commissioned on the homosexual network a copy of which was locked up in a safe to be read by Bergoglio?

    1. It has disappeared. And maybe after reading it, Benedict became so disillusioned with the Hierarchy, that he turned in the towel, as it were, resigning but not abdicating, because he wants their entire scam to unravel and show itself to the world for what it is.

      1. The biblical land of Sodom and Egypt from the Apocalypse. Who would have guessed it would be Rome?

  4. There might be no good SSPX priest because their leader Lebefevre is endorsed by Satan during the exorcism of a German young girl.

    I would stay away from SSPX priests because they are illictly ordained.

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