VATICAN reinstates convicted Wife-Beater, as Bergoglio calls for women’s rights

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the ongoing epic saga of hypocrisy, which is the Vatican under Jorge Mario Bergoglio, there is reported this week, that the Vatican has reinstated one of its police officers, who was found guilty in Italy for beating his wife, and who has just completed his term of incarceration in Italy.  News of his reinstatement to a desk job, comes just as Bergoglio returns from the Mideast, with the quirky remark that “Woman should not be treated as second class citizens.” — Yes, the wife, in this case, probably is not a citizen of the Vatican City State, and so, yes, I guess that means she can be abused with impunity in Italian territory, with no consequences for her husband (who began this shortly after their marriage) in Vatican territory.

The Vatican City State has garnered, rightfully, the reputation of being a having for international criminals, sexual abusers, predators, and mafia. This shame has been brought upon the Church by two centuries of Diocesan Clergy raised to the dignity of the Apostolic Throne. — Oh Lord, how long!

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2 thoughts on “VATICAN reinstates convicted Wife-Beater, as Bergoglio calls for women’s rights”

  1. Faithful Catholic laity are NOT confused by anything the heretical and apostate say or do. We also know these evil people are going to be held accountable for all the souls they chased away, used and abused or confused. Jesus’ Mercy and/or Judgement reigns over all and he KNOWS what has been, is and will be down to knowing the number of hairs on our heads.

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