Andrea Cionci: The Letter from Gänswein is a Forgery!

Editor’s Note: I interviewed Andrea Cionci about this outrageous forgery, here. My summary of that interview, done in Italian, is also found at the same location, in English.


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8 thoughts on “Andrea Cionci: The Letter from Gänswein is a Forgery!”

  1. The cup of condemnation is really being drank in the Masses with Bergoglio.

    To “forge” a pope… is really not from God, the Truth.
    To even borrow the insignia is to tell the world Pope Benedict XVI is the pope and he is held imprisoned and most likely isolated.

  2. From “Sg. Pe”.

    I could not help but think of the Beatles’ album and track Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band …

    1. Indeed.
      As we sadly know, there are many “ageing-hippies” in the Vatican as well as the Bishops’ Conferences;
      All still highly indoctrinated/infected with the demonic ‘Spirit of the Council’ and its nefarious “new Springtime for the Church”.

      Pope Paul VI, despite his many faults, got one thing absolutely right when, in the 1970s, he lamented in public that “Somehow, the smoke of Satan has infiltrated the Mystical Body of Christ!”
      If only he could have ‘looked in the mirror’ a little more closely to see how he was a principal agent in allowing it to happen…….

      Pax tecum.

      1. History tells there were two Pope Paul VI, the body double priest appearing in public and the hospitalized Pope Paul VI.

        For almost six or seven years the true Pope Paul VI was imprisoned in a hospital for “being sick” and the Cardinals put a stand-in.

        It was not a surprise today that the medical practice is used to hostage the entire humanity into “being sick”.

        Pope Benedict really did the right thing back in Feb 11, 2013 because he is infallible in Church matters and a heavenly sign appeared: the Lightning of God’s Wrath at the St Peter’s Basilica ( aimed for the Cardinals ).

      2. This is an Urban Myth. If anyone thinks that you could replace a pope with an imposter, even one who looks very much like him, and fool Italians they do not know Italians. Italians from childhood have a visual sense of recognition to every detail which is incredible. They can detect the smallest changes in the face. They also can sense the smallest changes in personality. No way anyone could pull this off. And there was no reason to, because Paul VI was entirely behind the globalist agenda.

  3. Cionci says that the archbishop is also prevented from expressing himself clearly, in the example of the pope. So, according to this logic, every external manifestation is dangerous. Because it can affect the physical integrity of both. I could be wrong, but I’ve come to this conclusion.

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