BREAKING: A Fake Letter is sent to Don Alessandro Minutella in the name of Mons. Gänswein

English Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


What Follows is the original report from 10 AM, Nov. 8, 2022


Rome: Nov. 8, 2022 A. D.: 8:30 AM local time: This program will be live in 45 minutes, in Italian. I will try to summarize here live. This letter is presumably in response to the 8 Priests who declared for Pope Benedict XVI in July and wrote him a letter. — It is my hope also that my own letter to Archbishop Gänswein spurred him to respond to Don Minutella.

The very first thing we shall know, from the revelations of this letter, is whether Pope Benedict XVI regards Don Minutella as a Catholic priest nor not. Because, seeing that Bergoglio’s Congregation for the Clergy and his nominee in the see of Palermo have reduced Don Minutella to the state of a layman, if Archbishop Gänswein salutes Minutella with the address, ‘Don’, then it means that Pope Benedict  XVI does not regard these penalties as valid, and is recognizing Alessandro Minutella as a Catholic priest in full standing with the true Church.


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Introduction by Don Minutella: We are living in a dark age of the Church. Nothing is clear. The Code of Canon Law is not being observed. There cannot exist 2 popes. This is a theological monstrum. Diego Fusaro gave an elegant talk the other day, who says, as a material philospher which he is, that Jesus said, “You are Peter”, not “You are both Peter”. For 8 years we are under a Satanic delusion of two popes, which no one wants to solve. I have been talking about this for years. Two men cannot dress as the Pope. I began this work by alone, and am attacked from all sides, persecuted by the Mass Media, and I pointed directly at the Mafia of San Gallo as the ones who constrained the Pope to resign — I did not say it, but they themselves said it. Fusaro put this all in light, who said the entire Church is under a kind of drug which has confused the minds of the hierarchy.

Then, there was the phone call of Archbishop of Gänswein in which he declared there are errors in the Declaration. And no one can say this is a valid abdication since it does not renounce the munus. Even Cardinals Brandmueller and Pell have objected to Pope Benedict XVI’s behavior since 2013, presuming as they do that he has abdicated.

Then, I have been saying it for years, that Bergoglio is multiple heretic, which is evident from his behavior and words.

We are in an anomalous situation which has no precedent, because the antipopes of the past were not heretics and they did not live in the same place and embrace one another and show respect for one another.

And we are in a situation in which those who claim to be Apostles of Mary are in union with Bergoglio — a thing I cannot understand. As St. Kolbe said, the Communists are not the worst enemies of the Church, the Freemasons in the Clergy are. These are the gay lobby, the modernists who oppose Fatima from the beginning, Even St. Padre Pio said that soon Satan would come to rule a false Church. Sr. Lucia said these allies of him would be the partisans of Satan, quoting Our Lady.

So I am not inventing anything, even if I am the one priest who is the recognized leader of those who say these things in the open. I am considered as the chief lethal enemy of those who have taken over the Church. I do not force anyone to follow me. It is the faithful who follow me freely.  I am being attacked from all sides, every morning my mail box is full of insults. I have a long menu to chose from each day.

This finishes the introduction.

Now, in August, everyone knows that 7 and soon 8 priests who wrote the Archbishop Gänswein about our public declaration for Pope Benedict XVI. But yesterday after not responding in so many weeks, finally arrived.

The Letter is directed to. Mr. Alessandro Minutella.  Double copy letter, one written in Italian, the other in German. Here they are.

The letter is signed in pen by the Archbishop, both copies.

October 11, 2022 is the date of the letter.

Addressed to Mr. Alessandro Minutella.

He says that the Holy Father Pope Benedict Emeritus is very sad that there are priests who celebrate in communion with himself. The Holy Father has always celebrated in communion with Our Pope Francis. You, Don Minutella, are in grave error.

Don Minutella says this letter is a masterpiece of Masonic deception, designed to destroy catholics psychologically. Never has been a response for years, but now there is.

The letter ends, with the affirmation that Pope Benedict XVI confirms the ecclesiastical sanctions against Don Minutella.

Don Minutella says this letter raises questions, why the Archbishop took so long to respond, and responded to Don Minutella but not to the 8 priests who signed the letter to the Holy Father. Nor to the second letter send by these priests.

Don Minutella has been doing this apostolate for Pope Benedict XVI for years, therefore the silence for all these years why would the Holy Father himself allow this error of Don Minutella spread? A true pastor would not let this go on so long. Would not refuse to meet the priest in question nor remain silence.

Editor: Don Minutella’s argument is that this letter is not authentic representation of the Holy Father’s thought, unless the Holy Father has been told things which do not represent the facts and that the controversy was hidden from him. — I, Br. Bugnolo, hold this to be impossible since many have written to the Holy Father about this.  So if this be the case, then the Holy Father is in sede impedita, because they are preventing his communication with the world. Even this letter is not signed by the Holy Father, which he could easily do, if he wanted.

Don Minutella says the German text of the letter HAS GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. Which Father Gebhard has confirmed.

Also, by calling Pope Benedict XVI “Pope Emeritus”, utters a canonical absurdity. And those with doctorates in canon law know this (the Archbishop has such a degree).

Editor: In my judgement, this letter only certifies one thing, that Archbishop Gänswein is not a trust worthy servant of the Holy Father, but is formally and morally involved in a public deception of the greatest kind.

Don Minutella says we all need to reflect on what the Archbishop said during his phone call to Fr. Gebhard’s brother, in which he insulted me 3 times: that I am crazy, theologically insane, and that my book is not worth the paper is written upon. Now the Archbishop knows as a canonist that if I am crazy, that I cannot be punished in canon law. But in this letter now he says the Holy Father approves of punishing a crazy man, an one cannot reason with them. But the Archbishop says that this is what the Holy Father is trying to do.  It does not make sense. He contradicts himself. Or they both contradict themselves.

The letter ends with the assurance that the Holy Father is praying for the repentance (ravvidimento) of Don Minutella.

Don Minutella declares that he will not give up his apostolate and is not at all upset by this letter, because he does not judge this letter to be authentic, that is, that it does not represent the mind of the Holy Father for the reasons above stated.

The Archbishop could have sent a letter signed by the Holy Father in which he declared Francis to the be the pope. But he has not. So it is clear that the Archbishop is attempting to affirm something which is not true.  There is also a question whether the Archbishop, a fluent writer of German, could send a letter with errors in German in it.

Don Minutella says he does not believe that the Archbishop wrote the letter, even if he signed it. But perhaps he did. But if he did, then there are several possibilities.  Maybe the letter is a forgery. Maybe the Archbishop was threatened to write or sign it. Don Minutella does not believe the Holy Father approves of this letter or may not even know if its existence. Especially since Andrea Cionci received an approving letter from Ganswein about his book, which demonstrates that the Holy Father holds himself to be the true pope still.

Don Minutella finds it difficult to believe that the Archbishop is a prison guard. But it is more likely that the Masons in the Vatican have forged this letter to make us thing bad of the Archbishop and/or of the Holy Father. We should we note that in the recent photo of the Holy Father before the new painting of himself and his equip at his residence, shows the Archbishop with a very disturbed face, and this seems to indicate that he was under some sort of grave threat.

Nothing said in this letter, however, changes the controversy. Because Benedict XVI is the pope regardless of what either Benedict or Bergoglio or the Archbishop think. It is the objective canonical fact that the renunciation must be of the petrine munus, manifest clearly without errors. This objective fact cannot be changed by letters after the fact.

And so, Don Minutella says to the Archbishop, or to the Holy Father, or to whomsoever wrote this letter, that he will continue his crusade for Canon Law, and he will demand now that he will formally ask a solemn confirmation of the contents of this letter. And for this reason, he will take a break for some days to prepare his response. Don Minutella says that a letter such as this which he has received, will receive a most violent response from the Holy Virgin to punish this sort of mendacity, though he does not know when.

He concludes with a message to Freemasons. Try what you will. But leave the Vatian as soon as possible, otherwise the Holy Virgin will impose upon you the worse and most terrible punishments. Listen to me, or the Holy Virgin will respond.

Editor: I agree 100% with the interpretation of Don Minutella.


Alessandro M. Minutella
“ Piccolo Nazareth”
Via Angelo Morello, 48/d
90044 Carini (PA)


Sig. Pe.
00120 Città del Vaticano

Illustrissimo Sig. Minutella,

facendo seguito alla Vostra lettra del 6 agosto c.a. si informa Lei e i suoi firmatari che il Papa emerito è addolorato in apprendere che dei Presbiteri celebrano la Santa Messa “in communione con il nostro Papa Benedetto”. Il Papa emerito ha sempre celebrato “con il nostro Papa Francesco”, suo Successore, al quale ha promesso pubblicamente “devota e incondizionata ubbedienza”.

Lei è in grave errore, come prova la pena della dimissione dello stato clericale che Lei è stata irrogata e che la Chiesa molto raramente infligge.

Il Santo Padre emerito assicura preghiere per il Suo ravvedimento.

+ Georg Gänswein


To the most illustrious Mr. Minutella,

in reply to your letter of August 6 last, one informs you and your co-signers that the Holy Father is saddened in learning that there are some priests who celebrate the Holy Mass “in union with our Pope Benedict”.  The Pope emeritus has always celebrated, “in union with our pope Francis”, his Successor, to whom he has pubblicaly promised “a devout and unconditioned obedience”.

You are in grave error, as the penalty of reduction to the lay state, which has been imposed upon you, proves, and which the Church very rarely inflicts.

The Holy Father emeritus assures you of his prayers for your self-reevaluation (ravvedimento).

+ Georg Gänswein


It is clear, first of all, that this letter comes from the Archbishop who bears the coat of arms of Pope Benedict, and thus recognizes the is the true pope. This puts in doubt everything said to the contrary.

Second it conveys no judgement of the Holy Father against Don Minutella, even though the personal secretary had more tgan 30 days to extract sonething quotable from the Holy Father.

First, because the sentence, “You are in grave error, as the punishment of reduction from the clerical state shows, which was imposed upon you and which the Church very rarely inflicts”, which begins “Lei è in grave errore ….” contains no reference to Pope Benedict XVI. So it rappresets only the judgement of whomsoever wrote letter. And if the Archbishop signed this letter, not under duress, then his own judgement.

However, read in the Ratzinger Code, this sentence falls to pieces, because since it qualifies the gravity of the error, by specifying the punishment, and since the punishment was unjust and by those in schism from the true pope, the gravity of the error he is in, is not becuase he says Benedict XVI is the pope, but because he has suffered a grave in justice personally.

So the final phrase, “The Pope emeritus assures you of his prayers for your ravvedimento”, where this final Italian word is not pentimento (repentance), which is the usually one, but ravvedimento, which means self-recogition of one’s own failings or faults, and thus is ambiguous, since if he has failed in anything it is only in not doing more to liberate the Holy Father.

Thus, the opening paragraph, the affirmation that the Holy Father is sad to come to know that there are some priests who celebrate in communion with him as the Pope, means nothing determinate. He could be said that the do this, but he could be sad that ther are only SOME priests who do this. The Italian is ambiguous.

The affirmation that the Holy Father celebrates, “in communion with our Pope Francis”, therefore also falls into ambiguity. First of all, because a man under duress says nothing significant, and the pope does not validly resign by naming aother in the canon of the mass as the pope. Either he does so out of fear or out of substantial error. The affirmation which follows, “his Successor” are the words of those who wrote the letter or of him who signed it. Not of the Pope.

The letter lacks all afirmation that the Holy Father has said anything. And Don Minutella rightfully points out that ther is a massive forensic disconnect in what it affirms, because Don Minutella and many others have been speaking of this controvery for years, so how could the Holy Father only know of it know or be said about it now?

Finally, I note that this letter is dated to have been send the day before my Letter to the Archbishop, in the week before Bergoglio was set to travel to Bahrein, which argues that it was written at the comand of Bergoglio not of the Holy Father, and that the Archbishop, knowing that he could not get the signature of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI resorted to the form he chose to sign. Indeed, why call Don Minutella, the most illustrious signore, unless you mean to say in code, that you recognize him as more illustrious than any layman, and thus, still a priest!

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    Very interesting date and day: 8 November, in the Byzantine Calendar is the Feast of thr Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel!

    Msr. Ganswein it seems to me being the figure of St. Michael the Archangel protecting the visible ‘head’ of the Church, Pope Benedict XVI !

  2. two letters, 1 with errors that German would never make, both know their German very well & fluent speakers. All this spy stuff with weird letters saying they come from the Archbishop and no clear speaking.

    Then a complete opposite letter with clear thinking that Benedict is the Pope to Andrea Cionci. I agree that the Archbishop cannot be trusted, he committed the crime of opening, reading & replying to my letter directed personally to His Holiness Pope Benedict on this issue of just speaking clearly.

    We live in a time of cloak and daggers, it doesn’t surprise me on who actually controls the Vatican since World War II; where coded words are used.

    Any letter coming from whoever the Masons use in the Vatican as their “pope benedict” is not coming from the real one held prisoner in the convent, and I don’t trust Ganswein. Only way to get the truth is to meet our Holy Father in person & the way he is guarded, I don’t know how it can be done.

    1. Thanks! The letter from the Archbishop is self-made then, since he cannot make Pope Benedict respond.

      A good move from Pope Benedict XVI.

  3. Brother Bugnolo can you post the German text? I know German quite well and can perhaps give an assessment.

  4. The German “una cum” liturgical text is ” in Gemeinschaft mit unserem Papst N.! (literally (in commuion with)

    The German letter reads “In Einheit” (literally “in unity”).

    No way would a German prelate make such a blunder. No way.

  5. It’s a letter on Ganswein’s stationery (which can be stolen)
    reporting hearsay, with no trustworthy witnesses.
    Not to be trusted.


    Andrea Cionci demonstrates here that the letter is a forgery! Luckily (providentially) for us all he has an original authentic letter from Archbishop Ganswein to compare it with.

    Once you see the forgery, it’s actually quite funny! – if this was not the most serious topic in the world and even possibly in all of the history of the Church.

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