Frà Bugnolo parla con Andrea Cionci sulla contraffatta lettera di Mons. Gänswein

Questo video in Italiano è anche disponibile su YouTube, Qui.

English Summary

Br. Bugnolo interviewed Andrea Cionci, author of “The Ratzinger Code” (the best-selling book in the category of religion in Italy this year) on the topic of the forged letter sent under the name of Archbishop Gänswein to Don Minutella. Br. Bugnolo asks Cionci to explain how the controversy over the two popes has arrived at this moment in history and how he recognized the letter as a forgery, from multiple characteristics. Br. Bugnolo interviewed Cionci via Zoom, while sitting at a bench on the Via della Conciliazione, just 500 meters or so from St. Peter’s Basilcia, to show that we who are in communion with the true pope are not afraid of the criminal mafia which has sidelined the true Pope. — FromRome.Info previously published photos of the letters with commentary based on the supposition that it might be authentic.

Here is the English langauge summary of the above interview:

UPDATE: FromRome.Info has previously published a photo of the signature of Mons. Ganswein, which can be compared with the images of the letters received by Don Minutella to see that two different hands are at work:

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14 thoughts on “Frà Bugnolo parla con Andrea Cionci sulla contraffatta lettera di Mons. Gänswein”

  1. All the forces of evil are at play against Don Minutella, the first priest to speak against Bergoglio PachaChurch and continues to be in “communion” with Pope Benedict XVI. That is what bothers them the most, about the unjustly, excommunicated Priest and his thousands of faithful, conservative Catholics. All a bunch of ‘pacha-imbroglioni’!!

  2. The usual strategy of the enemy is all over this:-
    Deception, which creates
    Division or Disunity, which creates
    Distraction or Diversion, which creates
    Discouragement, which is the most dangerous threat to the spiritual life, as it turns those so affected away from GOD.
    At that low point, there are only two options left:-
    or Death……..
    [with thanks to a quite well-known Exorcist based in the USA, who frequently gives public talks, and who considers that more people are suffering Discouragement than Depression]

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

  3. Heureusement, MARIA SANTISSIMA is guiding Her true ones ! The whole history of Salvation is marked by FEW names ! (ex. Noah )
    Today is happening the same: ‘few’ (Don Alessandro Maria Minutella, Fra Alexis Bugnolo, Andrea Cionci and some more ‘few’… ) which Our Heavenly Father knows by name and face !

    (min 2.08.04 – with my last 2 of 5 kids welcoming Papa Benedict XVI and his messengers in our traditional romanian way, with bread and salt – my little one, Maria Grigoria, asked me twice : ‘Is the first time that Papa Benedict XVI comes in Romania ?’ )

  4. today: Erzbischof Gänswein: „Fakenews pur!“

    It was obviously a further attack on Pope Benedikt XVI. by these evil people in the Vatican or whereever – probably Bergoglio himself was behind of this criminal thing.

    Sorry for my English.

  5. On archbishop Gänswein says that the letter is shameless and lying fiction, a pack of lies.
    Archbishop Gänswein is very upset, outraged.

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