2 thoughts on “ITALY: Families march in honor of their loved ones killed by the DeathVaxx”

  1. How sad such a march is even a “thing”; that world “leaders” are so full of hate for their fellow humans that any would even agree to such acts against us. Aside from the fact that they almost certainly have not taken “the jabs”, even those who pretended to do so publicly (most likely took normal saline or sugar water), because they know those are intended for genocide, the lies to our faces, about all this are just pure evil. How does an human get so hateful toward another, in the first place, even without knowing the other person? That I will never comprehend.

    1. The sin of pride (superiority, attitude of entitlement to power and goods at the expense of others, by any and all means) produces hatred for anyone (including God) challenging them.
      They aren’t called “the elite” for nothing; they consider themselves superior to “the common people”, which they deem, through depopulation programmes labeled as “pandemic / climate protocols,” expendable “for a better world” (for themselves)
      Do you understand how Satan makes this attitude seem reasonable? “Sin blindeth the sinner.”

      That’s why you can’t convince doctors who do abortions that they aren’t benefactors helping women with “inconvenient” pregnancies; and why you can’t convince those who willingly took the jab (made with products of abortion) that in their fear of dying, they have shortened and damaged their own lives.

      “He who seeks to save his life shall lose it; he who loses his life shall have life everlasting.”

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