10 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI is clearly in great suffering: Please Pray for Him!”

    1. It reminds me of the look my mom had when she sat in her wheelchair. As she had lost most of her musculature, just as the Holy Father now has, she saw stars sitting, since her tail bone was piercing her skin. The look on the Holy Father’s face means they do not have the proper padding on the chair he is sitting on. But his emasceated look is not comprehensible to me, because, where as with dementia, like my mom had, one loses interest in eating, Mons. Ganswein tells us that the Holy Father is lucid. So I do not understand why he is malnurished. I have spoke of my concerns in this matter more than a year ago.

      1. Poor dear martyr! It is painful just to see him in this photograph.

        He is probably deficient in vitamin D, E, C, B complex vitamins, magnesium, and zinc.
        Without proper vitamins he cannot get nutrition from food, and his body cannot heal. At night he needs to lie on a sheepskin, which prevents / alleviates bedsores.
        Sheepskins are washable; you can get special soap to wash them on “hand wash” cycle in a washing machine; spread them on a stair banister away from heat, & out of the sun to dry, and brush them while damp to restore loft to the wool, and they dry in a few days. It is not hard to wash them. Spread a sheepskin on a rocking chair, over a gel-pad, to make sitting less painful.
        Any decent geriatric doctor or nurse could tell them this. . . . .

  1. How encouraging to see Cd. Mueller standing supportively behind Pope Benedict. I think the release of this picture (not force; not staged; out in the open,) is also somewhat of an endorsement of Cd. Mueller’s position by Pope Benedict.

    The nun is helpfully showing us Pope Benedict’s papal ring.

    In American parlance, they might say ‘Cd Mueller has got Pope Benedict’s back!’ I know; not quite 100%. Not yet, anyway. Sigh.

    At least Cd Mueller’s aggressive attack against the Sodomitic Synod on EWTN pays witness to his wholesale rejection of it.
    We can hope and pray those shenanigans will finally encourage Cd Mueller to open his eyes and do some background reading!

  2. That is the look of grimaced in pain.
    It seems The Holy Father is already halfway there to Heaven.

  3. This is all Gordo Bergolio’s doing. Period. Ratzinger quit 9 yrs ago because he thought he was going to die within a brief time span? And he lives 9 more yrs? Wake up Catholics.

  4. Indeed, Pope Benedict is the Vicar of Christ mentioned in the visions of Blessed Catherine Emerich.

    The true pope that is very frail and his head is drooping to one side.

    It is possible that Blessed Catherine Emerich is the angel that is assisting Pope Benedict right now.

    Blessed Catherine Emerich’s visions are ominous and pictures very well what is happening in Vatican.

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